A reality check for The Life & Times

26 June 06

From the BBC News Website:

If you believe the hype, blogs are as significant as the invention of the printing press for their ability to change the way the world will be seen. If on the other hand you believe the counter-hype, blogs are a self-indulgence which pander to dull people’s misguided beliefs that they have something interesting to say.”

I know what this one is!!! Keeps me busy though 😛

Hope you’re well, bring on Portugal.



The Flowery Picture and Journey South

23 June 06

Hi all. Here’s a weird photo of me I found on flickr taken by Emma’s brother, Jim.

Scott & Flower


Well done to the Aussies and Ghana. Didn’t see them getting through at the beginning. Ecuador too, although they’ll never get through the next round. Well, I hope not anyway.

Hope everyone’s ok. I’m good. It’s Friday and I’ve only got 5 hours left at work until my weekend begins. Done a lot of Actinic Developing work this week. It’s simpler than I imagined but it’s a long job.

Anyway, enough of work boredom. Off back down south in a couple of weeks. Going down the day after the WC Final so if we get to it I don’t have to work the next day! Emma’s working that Monday so she can’t get that hammered if we win. I bet she will anyway. She’ll probably want to stay out longer than me to be honest! I’m such a soft-arse now when it comes to staying up past midnight. Just can’t do it. I’m getting old! Even on a Saturday I wake up before 9. Oh the days when I used to sleep until 2pm.

Right, that’ll do.


Commentary Cock-Up of the World Cup (So Far)

22 June 06

Commentator : “The Mexican Goalkeeper lost his father a week before the World Cup”

Co-Commentator: “Yes. He’s got to be disappointed with that”.

You can’t put football sayings and clichés into every situation!

Some people!


A 6′ 7″ inch striker, 3 holding midfielders and a boring day at work

16 June 06

Good afternoon everybody. Hope you’re all well. I’m not bad. Had enough of work for the week though.

The World Cup’s going well and badly all at the same time, I don’t get how that works but it does. Peter Crouch has turned himself from a very tall but highly nediocre centre forward into England’s most important striker. Again, I don’t get that either. I like Crouch but there’s no way he should be the man whose shoulders our World Cup hopes rest on. He got relegated only 12 months ago but at least he’s played football before unlike Walcott! I still don’t get why he’s there. Just as mystifying is why Jenas is there. If he gets on the pitch during a game in this tournament I’ll be amazed. We don’t play defensive midfielders and we’ve got 3 in the squad; Hargreaves, Carrick and Jenas. It’s a bit weird isn’t it, Sven.

Anyone else out there listening to Baddiel & Skinner’s Podcasts? They’re not bad but not brilliant. I’d download and have a listen if you’re a football fanatic but if you’re not, leave it and listen to Hawksbee & Jacobs on TalkSport. The podcast producer has really got to work out how to set levels. Every so often you can hardly hear them but then it deafens you. Sort it out!

Well, that’s it from me for today. Keep well and keeps your wallcharts up to date.


The Big Man Is Back In Town

8 June 06

Hi all,

The title is what Rooney apparently said when arriving back in Germany after his scan. Quite an odd thing to say, either very confident or a bit of an arsehole, hope it’s the first!

Rooney and John Terry

Anyway, look at the picture. Doesn’t look very injured to me. Just hope he doesn’t bugger himself up and get himself injured again.

1 day to go… Germany v Costa Rica 17.00. Be there.


Manchester United 1990-2006

2 June 06

Just a thought; how good would this team have been if they’d all played together.

GK – P. Schmeichel
LB – D. Irwin
RB – G. Neville
CB – J. Stam
CB – G. Pallister
LM – R. Giggs
RM – D. Beckham
CM – B. Robson
CM – R. Keane
CF – E. Cantona
CF – R. van Nistelrooy

S1 – E. van der Sar
S2 – S. Bruce
S3 – P. Ince
S4 – P. Scholes
S5 – M. Hughes

Left a few good players out too. No space for Rooney, Ronaldo, Yorke, Cole, Ferdinand, Kanchelskis or the legendary David May!

I’d pay good money to watch that team though. I feel a testimonial coming on again!

I’m at work at the moment and came up with that team while having a cigarette in the Car Park. Pretty boring, long and stuffy day today. Got enough done but I’ve had enough for the week now. Worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday as the main electric cable into the buildings got cut by some thieves who nicked a large generator from the warehouse. Sods. They tried again last night apparently but got nowhere.

Only a quarter of an hour to go now then I’m off home!

Have a good weekend everybody,