New Labour, New Danger. 1997 – 2009, what have they done?

24 February 09

Before you read this, please note that I am not affiliated to any political party and have voted differently in the two general elections I have voted in.

The following are listed in Labour’s 1997 Election Manifesto. Basic promises either not kept or ballsed up.

Though it appears that they forgot to include “ignore the banking system to enable a return to the ‘boom and bust’ days of the late 1980’s”.

The myth that the solution to every problem is increased spending has been comprehensively dispelled under the Conservatives. Spending has risen. But more spending has brought neither greater fairness nor less poverty. Quite the reverse – our society is more divided than it has been for generations. The level of public spending is no longer the best measure of the effectiveness of government action in the public interest. It is what money is actually spent on that counts more than how much money is spent.

The national debt has doubled under John Major. The public finances remain weak. A new Labour government will give immediate high priority to seeing how public money can be better used.

New Labour will be wise spenders, not big spenders.

Save to invest is our approach, not tax and spend.

New Labour will establish a new trust on tax with the British people.

Our long-term objective is a lower starting rate of income tax of ten pence in the pound.

We will examine the interaction of the tax and benefits systems so that they can be streamlined and modernised.

We will enforce the ‘golden rule’ of public spending – over the economic cycle, we will only borrow to invest and not to fund current expenditure.

We will ensure that – over the economic cycle – public debt as a proportion of national income is at a stable and prudent level.

Small business: We will cut unnecessary red tape.

We will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime Police on the beat not pushing paper.

Crackdown on petty crimes and neighbourhood disorder Protect the basic state pension and promote secure second pensions.

We will reject the boom and bust policies which caused the collapse of the housing market. (ha! – ed)

We will reform party funding to end sleaze.

12 years on, they’ve done well haven’t they?




eBay, More Weather and Boredom again

15 August 06


Hope you’re all well

I’ve been selling old phones on eBay. sold a Seimens M65 and a Sony Ericsson K750i and got about £100 so far. There’s a Nokia 5100 and 3310 to go yet so if you’re interested, look here to see what I’m selling right now. Some old footy shirts will be up there too so if you want to wear clothes that I’ve worn now’s your chance. Freaks.

British weather’s back again! The rain, wind and other autumnal stuff that we do so well has set in and it’s only August. That means that come the 1nd or 3rd week in November we’ll be having a heatwave and all those ‘you’re going to die cos the weather’s nice’ programmes will be on the BBC again.

I’m very bored. Emma’s just said hello to me on MSN (no, I shouldn’t be using it at work) and asked me to get her some wine on my way home. Talking of wine, there was in interesting article on the BBC’s site I spotted earlier on today. Click here to have a look (plenty of links in this post today isn’t there? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I want to get rid of you!).

Right, I really should get back to work now. Not much more to do today. If I worked hard I’d have it all done by 11 every day, especially later in the week.

Keep well & happy


10/8 will be the forgotten date of the war on terror

10 August 06

“No Terrorist Attack Today” will be the headline in all the papers tomorrow. I can’t believe quite how much the media are trying to squeeze out of this story, it’s a piss-take. It would’ve been massive news if it happened but something not happening doesn’t make a great story. I woke up this morning and said to Emma “They’ve had another go have they?” and that was that. Nothing happened so no more discussion was needed. So I’ll leave that there.

Hope you like the new blog, by the way. I do. I like the category things. If you want to see all the messages where I’m complaining, like this one, just click “whinge” at the bottom. It’s great!

I’m at work at the moment and I’ve done all the work I’m doing today. It’s not been a great day for me really but Emma’s got a promotion! She’ll be starting as a senior sales assistant (I assume) next month sometime. Few extra quid which is always handy.

Well done Jenson Button for winning an excellent and difficult grand prix. I know he reads this blog… maybe not. But well done anyway.

Carlisle has 4 points from 2 games in their new division which is great, a good solid start’s exactly what we need.

Can’t be bothered typing that much now. I’m hot and want to go home.

Hope you’re all well.

Leave comments. It’s a lot easier than it was.


A 6′ 7″ inch striker, 3 holding midfielders and a boring day at work

16 June 06

Good afternoon everybody. Hope you’re all well. I’m not bad. Had enough of work for the week though.

The World Cup’s going well and badly all at the same time, I don’t get how that works but it does. Peter Crouch has turned himself from a very tall but highly nediocre centre forward into England’s most important striker. Again, I don’t get that either. I like Crouch but there’s no way he should be the man whose shoulders our World Cup hopes rest on. He got relegated only 12 months ago but at least he’s played football before unlike Walcott! I still don’t get why he’s there. Just as mystifying is why Jenas is there. If he gets on the pitch during a game in this tournament I’ll be amazed. We don’t play defensive midfielders and we’ve got 3 in the squad; Hargreaves, Carrick and Jenas. It’s a bit weird isn’t it, Sven.

Anyone else out there listening to Baddiel & Skinner’s Podcasts? They’re not bad but not brilliant. I’d download and have a listen if you’re a football fanatic but if you’re not, leave it and listen to Hawksbee & Jacobs on TalkSport. The podcast producer has really got to work out how to set levels. Every so often you can hardly hear them but then it deafens you. Sort it out!

Well, that’s it from me for today. Keep well and keeps your wallcharts up to date.


Keano! There’s only one Keano!

10 May 06

Good afternoon everybody.

I’m having my lunch here at work and listening to the radio while doing a job I’m loving. It’s great here, I get to sit down (unlike any other job I’ve ever done) and play about with graphics, layouts and content all day. Nice!

Went to Roy Keane’s testimonial last night. Was a blinder. Read about it here and here(eek!). Those Celtic fans are quite scary you know. They make us United fans look civilised, and that’s saying something.

Talking about football. What’s Sven on about with that England squad. Theo Walcott?! He’s 17, he can’t drive, drink, bet, get married (without permission), get into the Arsenal first team, play in his preferred position for their reserves and also, he shouldn’t be going to the world cup. He’s just not ready. He’s never played in the Premiership, only played in the Championship 23 times (10 a sub) scoring 5 goals. That’s not a what a striker should be like in a squad that’s supposed to have a chance of winning the world’s premier sporting contest. I have no doubt whatsoever that he’s going to be a spectacularly good player with that pace of his and his finishing (from what I’ve seen), injury permitting but until he’s good enough to be in the England squad, he’s shouldn’t be there. I’m really hoping that I have to eat my word here with him scoring 3 in the final against Germany and winning the golden boot but I just can’t see it happening. And what’s worse is that Sven’s left out a player who’s scored 22 goals in all competitions whilst playing for a mid-table side (that’s Darren Bent of Charlton in case you’re wondering). It doesn’t make sense.

Before I get back to work, I want to tell you about a guy called Gary McKinnon (1) (2). He’s probably going to be extradited to America to face terrorism charges. It’s complete and utter nonsense and you can go here to support him.

Right, now I’ve got that off of my chest I’m off to do some work.

Keep well 🙂


What’s going on?

4 April 06

It’s the 4th of April, not that cold, sunny, yet it’s snowing. I don’t understand Huddersfield.


Job interviews and ties that are PINK(?!!)

20 March 06

Hi there everybody. Good news for me! I have a job interview at Longdendale School in Hollingworth over the other side of the hills. I’ll be an ICT Project Development Officer (apparently) which I think may involve changing printer paper, fixing computers and scaring children (that’s all what that the IT technicians managed to do at my old school anyway). The interview’s on Friday at 9:20 and I really want to get this. If I don’t I’ll be unhappy as I think I’m more than adequate for the job and me and Emma really could do with the money! The new car’s going to come in useful for getting there as it would take me about an hour a day traveling there and an hour back but about 20 minutes in the car. I’m supposed to be working on Friday but I might be swapping shifts for a Thursday lunchtime but if I can’t I’ll be ill in the eyes of Yorkshire and raring to go in the eyes of Lancashire.

Do you know what colours you can get ties in at Burton’s? Pink. And That’s about it. What’s happened to the world. All I wanted was a nice blue one but they just don’t exist. I don’t know when all blokes other than me suddenly decided that pink was a suitable colour to wear to work but they certainly wouldn’t have got away with it when they were 13 would they? People change too much and not always for the better. Pink? Tsk.

Anyway, that’s my little rant over for the day. Burton’s may be trying to make us all a bit fruity and in touch with our feminine side but I’ll stick to blue ties if it’s all the same to you!