Michael Schumacher Retires – Raikkonen’s in

10 September 06

BBC News Story

An era has come to an end. Michael Shumacher, staistically the finest driver the world has ever seen, has quite the sport (despite what Alonso says!) of Formula One.

It’s a shame that it’s come but as a lot of people say, it’s best to quit at the top. Good luck to the guy in the future, whatever it holds. Apparently he’ll be working for Ferrari in the future, albeit not as a driver of their racing cars. He’ll probably end up as an ambassador for Ferrari or Fiat and he’ll be a good one. Even though he’s German, famous for being quite cold and unapproachable, he’s got an air of humility about him. A good guy. He’s not been like that all the way through he career but he’s matured as he’s aged. It also helps that he didn’t have the need to take drivers out for the final few years at Ferrari as he’s been so much quicker than the others for all but one season.

A great career will be over in 3 races time. Lets see if he’ll win the world championship to take it to a further record of 8.

Good luck to him. And I like Alonso!