A morning on the M606, Champions League & 72 emails in 23½ hours

26 April 07

Good afternoon, or whatever it is when you read this. I hope you’re well and all that.

My car broke down yesterday on the M606 and I had to fork out the massive amount of £6.50 to get it running again! I’ve driven about on things that cost over £200 to repair and a £6.50 alternator belt is what makes the thing stop. How stupid is that?! I was sat there from about 20 past 8 until half 9 and it was getting gradually colder and colder. Was getting windier too. I saw a mouse on the verge who scuttled out of a hole, ran about a bit, looked straight at me then scuttled off back into its hole. I like mice, they’re cool. A cheeky snail tried to climb up my foot but I put a stop to that by picking him up and placing him on a tree with his other snail friends. I never knew there was so much wildlife living that close to a busy motorway! I saw less at Bolton Abbey for Christ’s sake! Anyway, the car’s back to normal now so that’s ok.

The United v Milan game was good on Tuesday wasn’t it!?! Let’s hope the boys can do it over in the San Siro, it’s not going to be easy. The Chelsea v Liverpool game yesterday was crap wasn’t it!?! Sort of inevitable, that. Chelsea are a bit direct at times and ae basically a winning machine without looking that good that often and Liverpool seem to have an aversion to passing the ball forward unless they’ve got Crouch to send 60 yard balls at. Saying what I’ve said about Chelsea is maybe a little unfair after the goal they scored which was brilliant. A good, English-style goal, scored by an Englishman, on the counter attack.

As long as United get through I don’t really care who makes it but I think it will be Chelsea as they’re a bit relentless aren’t they? Neither tie is settled so that makes it nice and exciting for the second legs next week.

Only half an hour to go at work now and it’s been a busy, busy day. I didn’t really have a break at lunchtime but things have died down a bit now so am typing this to kill the time off!

Anyway, I think I’d best check my emails as they’re mounting up again. I’ve received 72 already since finishing work last night. None of them important or interesting, just silly questions asked by people when the answers are staring them in the face. The best one today is “how much does this cost?” when the price was there in front of them. Almost all of my answers have started “as stated on the listing…”.

Read you lazy sods!!! (no, not you, if you’ve got this far, you’ve done very well and have my gratitude and congratulations)

Right, I’m waffling now. Bye!



Days out, golf, football & back to work

23 April 07

I really enjoyed my time off but it’s back to the grindstone today. Work’s been a bit crap but a break always freshens things up a bit. Still looking forward to half 4 though so I can get out of here! I think I’ll have an evening of watching the snooker and playing PGA 2007 on the XBox.

Went to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales & Lyme Park near Stockport during my time off. I throughly recommend Bolton Abbey but in no rush to go to Lyme Park again. It was ok but £7’s quite expensive really. I’d go if I was a member of the National Trust as you get in for free so we became members 🙂 I think me & Emma are getting old! Only £19.50 each for the year if you’re 25 or under and you get into everywhere they run for free. Even the parking’s free except at Tatton Park, bloody rip-off merchants they are.

Does anyone know any good pitch & putt golf courses near Huddersfield? I’d be most grateful if you let me know where they are if you do. It’s getting towards summer now and golf is a good way to spend a few hours outside with your mates.

The football was interesting over the weekend. Man Utd drew as did Chelsea so it’s all back to where they were at the beginning of the week but with 2 games less which is a good thing for United. It’s not all over yet though, I have a feeling something’s going to happen.

So, that’s all I have to say really, should get back to work now I suppose. Just enough time for a….

Darts Update:
No darts this week as we don’t enter the knockout competition until the next round what with being premier division and all.

Thanks for reading 🙂


5 Days Off.. it’s nearly here!

17 April 07


I’m off as of tomorrow until next Monday so I’m refusing to use the internet in any sort of way in the mean-time (except for maybe picking up emails). It’s lovely and sunny and I think I’m going to take Emma to Bolton Abbey, as it looks very nice so should be a good day out.

Not really got a lot to say after yesterday’s ranting, just time for a…

Darts Update:
I was put on first for the first ever time in any team I’ve ever played in so that was a bit daunting. Even more so when I found out that this team are one of the best in our league. Anyway, I threw well in the first leg and won it. The 2nd leg we both played like a pair of arseholes and I eventually hit my double to win it. I then ended up losing the next two while not playing too badly. He just took his chances when they came along. So, down the the final game. We both played well enough to get down to a double each fairly quickly. I had 86 left and went for treble 18 which I hit to leave myself 2 darts at double 16. They both missed by less than an eighth of an inch. He had something or other left that left him with 1 dart in his hand going for bull. He hit the 25 so I was still in it. I hit my double 16 2nd dart determined not to lose a 2-0 lead and also not to lose when David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was on the jukebox. I like that song and refuse to let it remind me of losing a 2-0 lead. So, I’d done my bit now to the rest of the team…. We lost the match 4-1! Sods!

Thanks for reading,


Lewis Hamilton

16 April 07


Lewis Hamilton in a 22 year-old Formula 1 racing driver, in case you didn’t know. The media seem to be especially interested in him because he’s black. I have no idea why this makes any kind of difference but they seem to think it does. I don’t think Lewis himself has ever mentioned it to anyone. He’s had a remarkable start to his Formula One career, finishing 3rd, 2nd, 2nd in his first 3 races, meaning he’s the first driver to ever achieve 3 consecutive podiums in his first 3 races. A magnificent achievement and the world is united in this opinion.

A little too united I say. I like Hamilton, he seems like a nice lad. However, I’m not a fan of his driving style, throwing it into corners and letting the traction control do all the work. I acknowledge that if the tools are there then why not use them, but I prefer a smoother style. However, this isn’t what’s getting to me. Notice I said “a little too united”. Here’s the reason:

That’s 12 mentions on the main page of the site. Bear in mind that we’ve got 3 other British drivers in the series and 22 drivers overall. Only 1 other current F1 driver, Massa, is mentioned in the entire page, and he started on pole and won the bloody race!

Also, did you enjoy the latest installment of the Lewis Hamilton show on Sunday? If you missed that edition, there’ll be the same show on again in 4 weeks time as it was for the first 2 races before this one.

I admit that he is extremely hard working and is one of the most prepared, fittest, knowledgeable drivers out there, even at the age of 22, but he’s in the best car, so it seems so far at least. I couldn’t do what he does but it’s not my job! I think they’re over-hyping him and they’re gonna tear him down just like they’ve done with Jenson Button, that’s all.

A change of sports now to Football. Anyone see that the mighty Scunthorpe United acheived promotion from League One this weekend? A team I’ve a soft spot for due to the appearance of a truly horrific swear word in their name. Their fans invaded the pitch, as you do, but we all know that the stewards should be stopping them. Now, the stewards clearly weren’t bothered at all as you can see in the following picture:

A bloke in a wheelchair should NEVER be able to invade a pitch! Good on him!

As for me I’m ok after my little rant. Hope you’re all well too, loyal viewer(s?)!

Darts Update:
Match tonight, think it’s at home.



4 Days off

10 April 07

A nice Easter weekend is all over and I’m back at work.

My Easter weekend in a nutshell:

Friday: Spent the morning at home in bed until getting up and going into town for something to eat at the hotel I used to work in. Good food, large portions, you can’t go wrong when you know the chef! Spent the afternoon playing PGA Tour 2007 on my XBox 360. Played very well. Evening was spent at Kate & Mandy’s house for a lovely dinner then an hour or two of darts. Good stuff.

Saturday: Spent the morning in bed again before once again going into town for food. Verve in Huddersfield is a nice bar we go to every Saturday lunchtime where I have the tried and tested bacon, brie and walnut sandwich on granary bread and a bottle of Negra Modelo. Lovely stuff. Always a good lunch, Saturdays. In the afternoon I watched the Grand Prix Qualifying and played Worms on my laptop. Had a small nap after listening to the footy on the radio and settled down to an evening in front of the box then to bed early with a headache & golf on the telly.

Sunday: Woke up still with that headache which stayed with me throughout the day. Ouch. Went over to Emma’s Dad’s house for the afternoon and home in time for tea. More telly to watch the finish of the golf.

Monday: Went to a museum in Ashton all about life in the area, mainly in the 1920’s. Quite interesting and can’t complain for no entry fee. Went to Verve in the evening with Emma, Jim, Claire, Kate, Mandy, Jenny & Ben. Only Kate, Emma, Jim & Claire lasted the distance, mainly due to work the next morning for most of us which is where I am now, bored out of my brain and wanting to get home to watch the footy tonight.

So, a nice weekend completely ruined by the fact it wasn’t never-ending! Bah.

Darts Update: No darts this week as it was Easter Monday.

Keep well,


A Big Mosque? Yes, and…?

3 April 07

I received an email yesterday that made me think. It was regarding the building of a large mosque just east of London which, according to the email, was going to be “so big that people flying in from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics will see it as the biggest landmark in London, bigger than St. Pauls[sic], Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium”. Another apparently is that “the Muslim community is casting its vote in droves, and as usual the Christians are burying their heads in the sand”. The lack of the apostrophe in St. Paul’s shows just how Christian they really are.
Now, I’m not an overly religious person. I believe in god and think there’s only one, and it doesn’t really matter which team you support (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc.), you’re still after the same goal, living your life in a way that makes you and those around you happy and fulfilled and hopefully get some kind of recompense at the end of it all in heaven or equivalent.

The bible itself says “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God” which to me says that if they want to build a bloody great Mosque, let them. Does it affect the way we live our day to day lives? No. Are all Muslims terrorists (as we know that this is what it’s all about), CERTAINLY NOT. I wished that people realised that people are people and it doesn’t matter one bit if they’re religious or not, and if they are, what religion they fly the flag for. If someone’s going to be a terrorist, they don’t have to be Muslim to qualify. Just look at Northern Ireland in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, something we’ve all lived through and I for once found that far scarier than what’s going on now. Whether that was because I was younger back then I don’t know.

I found this on a forum discussing the debate:

“[censored] ! this is not a muslim country so why would ken livingstone wanna build a mosque! that money would be better off spent on something else like security as the [censored] wanna blow everything up. [censored]! a church would never be built in pakistan ro india if they ever got an olympics!!!”

2.3% of India is Christian. Do you think they wouldn’t build a church there for them just because they got the wonderful opportunity to host an Olympic Games?

I fear for the future of this country sometimes, I really do.

I know the person who sent me the forwarded email reads this blog from time to time and I’m not having a go at you, I just want to put my view out on the debate and hope you understand what I’m saying.

Oh, by the way, the email was regarding a vote of the debate and I voted ‘yes’ as everyone deserves and is entitled to somewhere to worship.

Burying my head in the sand I am not.

To conclude, I cannot find any concrete evidence that this is actually going ahead anyway. Probably just another way of trying to polarize our community in the U.K.

Darts Update:
Lost 3-1 yesterday. Could’ve won but didn’t as the other player played better than me on the night. Team lost 4-1, bad result in a grim, grim ‘social’ club in a village just outside Huddersfield. Not looking forward to going there next year and if I get drawn to play there in the knock-outs I’m feigning illness!