26 February 06

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you have no idea who I am, let me enlighten you. I’m a 24 year old underachiever who’s enjoying their life living with their fiancée and has ambitions to be a multimedia designer of some type. This site is all about me being lazy and not being bothered to update my website… ever! The site tuestunim.com (my personal homepage for the past 4½ years or so) will become the home to my portfolio, eventually so if you’re a person who owns a company that’s looking for either a web designer or some kind of print layouter (if that’s a word) then click your way to the site.

On my old site I had a popular section called ‘The Life and Times’ and it was dedicated as a diary, as it was called then, of what I did throughout my life and my opinions of things. However, 3 years on, they’re called blogs and every sod has one! In fact, even before that I had set up a messageboard that only I could post to. That’s certainly a blog before they were about. Got to be a good 5 years ago now, maybe more. Well anyway, I’ve succumbed to my own personal pressure and got myself a blog of my own now in the proper way it’s meant to be done nowadays.

Now this is all very boring so I’ll leave it there. In the future, you’ll see that I have opinions and views on things that you may agree with or you may not agree with. One way or the other I hope you get the chance to say what you want about them.

I’m going to put some photos up on here now so you can see what I see.

Thanks for reading.