Fire, Football & 3-0 (again)

28 March 07


Emma had a near death experience yesterday! She had a day off and was cooking her lovely Dauphinoise potatoes that she does so well. They need a couple of hours cooking time so she went for a shower while they were on. Unfortunately, while she was in there, the sauce that they were cooking in bubbled over and coated the bottom of the oven which already has a few other dripped things on it, nothing major though. Anyway, she got annoyed with them and took them out just after I got home from work to put a bit of cheese on them, put in some chicken breasts and turned the oven up to 200. She then noticed that there was lots of smoke building in the oven so went to open it to investigate. Just before she did, she decided to get a tea towel to open the oven with in case the smoke was hot. Just as she stepped to the side, there was an almighty woosh as an orange fireball englufed the inside of the oven, springing the door open a few inches before it closed itself again. It looked very good but Emma was a bit scared and rightly so! I opened the oven (first closing the door that leads to the hall where our smoke alarm is) and the visibility in the room came down to about 6ft! Anyway, the potatoes were fine and very nice so we had those for tea in the end. Not looking forward to cleaning that oven if it falls to me to do it (which it probably will as I’ve got a day off on Saturday). My advice to you is that if you spill a large amount of stuff in your oven, be prepared for a light show. Get your video camera out if you’ve got one and wait, it’s worth watching!

England v Andorra tonight which has 2-0 at least written all over it despite our crapness. I only watched the highlights of the Israel game which was still too much to watch really but a draw or defeat against Andorra is unthinkable. I’m not sure if they’ve ever won an international match. Off over to Emma’s dad’s to watch it with a Chinese. Good stuff.

Darts Update:
Back to the Monday league at last! Another 3-0 defeat but, more importantly, a decent performance against one of the best players I’ve seen up here in Huddersfield. The player in question is one of my team-mates on the Super League team and with me being new back to the game and him being an established player on the local scene a 3-0 defeat isn’t anything to be ashamed of. I played quite well, at times, and with a bit of luck would’ve taken a leg from him but my flight completely blocked the double 8 and no amount of movement would’ve got me round it. I’d left myself 108 which is 3×18, 1×18, 2×18 to finish. Hit 4 first dart, 18 2nd dart and 3×18 3rd to leave 32. Just inside the 16 to leave 8’s. Just outside blocking the bed then couldn’t get to it. Did my best and hit 8 to leave 8 but he hit his double and that was 3-0, just as I was getting into it. Bugger! Looking forward to next Monday though.

Right, should get back to my very slow-moving day now.



Ah crap :(

26 March 07

Well, I ended up played 2 games this weekend and lost them both 3-0! I really was turd. I’m playing again tonight so lets hope I can do a bit better. There’s a 3/5 chance that I’ll be playing against one of my Super League team-mates too so that could be interesting!

Roast was nice but Emma made it in the end 🙂

Only 1 hour to go at work! I’ve had enough today, looking forward to getting out of here.


1st time for everything

23 March 07


Playing my first ever super league game tonight, away somewhere in Leeds in some cup. If I play well enough hopefully I’ll be able to stay in the team for Sunday, then I’m playing on Monday against 3 of the players who I’ll be playing with tonight! Very strange. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a big step up in standard from Monday but I know if I play my best I can do it.

I hope everyone’s well out there, not had many comments on my page recently and not heard from many people of late (though I’ve not really tried to contact anyone myself so that might have something to do with it)

Anyway, 1 hour 20 mins left at work then petrol, fags, dinner, darts, home, schmoke, bed. A sufficient start to a lazy weekend 🙂

Oh, I’m cooking a roast tomorrow so I’ll probably burn the flat down.

Keep well,



20 March 07

I played my first competitive darts match in 6 years last night. It’s a 5 players a team, best of 5’s singles format and I was third on. I was hoping to win a leg just to get me going for the season which I did, the 1st one. Then I won the second and then, despite my opponent hitting a 180, I won the third too!

Needless to say, I’m well chuffed about the whole thing, especially as we were 2-0 down and came back to win 3-2 and I was the only person to win their match 3-0 from either team.

It’s good to be back


More babbling crap from me…!

15 March 07


It’s been a little while since my last blog post and am happy to say that my Pilonidal has healed quite nicely and am feeling no ill effects from it. No more coccyx cushion for me!

I’ve got a new website now,, which is easier to say and remember than and it didn’t cost me a penny. Good stuff!

Also got myself a laptop computer! I’ve never had one before so I love it despite it being a 12 year old Pentium 90mhz. I got it for a particular program that I need when I’m not near my computer called n01. It’s a darts scoring program where you can play against it and it measures all your scores, averages, checkouts and so on. Very good to see what’s happening as it saves each of them so you can compare. Starting in my new Monday night darts team on Monday which I’m looking forward to. Hopefully I’m ready for it. Playing more consistently than I was a month or two ago so that’s something.

F1 starts on Sunday morning at 3am. I’ll be up & watching with interest. Should be a good year this year as I’ve got no idea who’s going to win it this year. Keep an eye on Kovalainen and Kubica though, they’re my tips to overachieve this season.

I wish I had something more interesting to tell you but nothing much has happened really. Just getting on with things as usual, trying to get my bank account sorted and paying the bills etc. The average thing all people in their mid-twenties are trying to do I expect, unless you’re a lucky and hard working soul who’s got a well paid job (not that I know any!).

So then, I’ll leave it there as there’s no reason to hold your internet browsing up any further 🙂