A 6′ 7″ inch striker, 3 holding midfielders and a boring day at work

Good afternoon everybody. Hope you’re all well. I’m not bad. Had enough of work for the week though.

The World Cup’s going well and badly all at the same time, I don’t get how that works but it does. Peter Crouch has turned himself from a very tall but highly nediocre centre forward into England’s most important striker. Again, I don’t get that either. I like Crouch but there’s no way he should be the man whose shoulders our World Cup hopes rest on. He got relegated only 12 months ago but at least he’s played football before unlike Walcott! I still don’t get why he’s there. Just as mystifying is why Jenas is there. If he gets on the pitch during a game in this tournament I’ll be amazed. We don’t play defensive midfielders and we’ve got 3 in the squad; Hargreaves, Carrick and Jenas. It’s a bit weird isn’t it, Sven.

Anyone else out there listening to Baddiel & Skinner’s Podcasts? They’re not bad but not brilliant. I’d download and have a listen if you’re a football fanatic but if you’re not, leave it and listen to Hawksbee & Jacobs on TalkSport. The podcast producer has really got to work out how to set levels. Every so often you can hardly hear them but then it deafens you. Sort it out!

Well, that’s it from me for today. Keep well and keeps your wallcharts up to date.



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