13 December 06

I’m having a very boring and lazy day. I’m doing the bare minimum. It’s not very often that I do this, maybe once a month or so but today’s the day. It’s 12 days until Christmas today, or 7ΒΌ working days if you like to look at things that way. I hope we only do a half day next Friday, that’ll be nice. I’ll get on the juice and have a weird afternoon if that happens I think.

Anyway, enough of this rabbitting about work. United are 8 points clear of the rest of the league at the moment, probably going to be 5 later on as Chelsea are playing the excellent-away-from-home (especially in London) Newcastle this evening. Carlisle are a sort of fake 9th at the moment but still looking good.

I’ve not really got a huge amount to say today as I’m in a bit of a bored mood at the moment so I don’t know why I’m doing this blog really. I’ve typed quite a bit now so I’ll carry on.

Off to the south on Saturday but only for about 18 hours (and that’ll include a certain amount of sleep) but I’m off down there for longer in late January to see my Mum for her birthday and hopefully I’ll have a beer with all my old mates too. Everyone’s finally starting to move out of their parent’s houses now! That’s the good thing about the north; you don’t have to save for 5 years to be able to rent your own place.

Right, that’ll do.