A Big Mosque? Yes, and…?

I received an email yesterday that made me think. It was regarding the building of a large mosque just east of London which, according to the email, was going to be “so big that people flying in from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics will see it as the biggest landmark in London, bigger than St. Pauls[sic], Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium”. Another apparently is that “the Muslim community is casting its vote in droves, and as usual the Christians are burying their heads in the sand”. The lack of the apostrophe in St. Paul’s shows just how Christian they really are.
Now, I’m not an overly religious person. I believe in god and think there’s only one, and it doesn’t really matter which team you support (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc.), you’re still after the same goal, living your life in a way that makes you and those around you happy and fulfilled and hopefully get some kind of recompense at the end of it all in heaven or equivalent.

The bible itself says “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God” which to me says that if they want to build a bloody great Mosque, let them. Does it affect the way we live our day to day lives? No. Are all Muslims terrorists (as we know that this is what it’s all about), CERTAINLY NOT. I wished that people realised that people are people and it doesn’t matter one bit if they’re religious or not, and if they are, what religion they fly the flag for. If someone’s going to be a terrorist, they don’t have to be Muslim to qualify. Just look at Northern Ireland in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, something we’ve all lived through and I for once found that far scarier than what’s going on now. Whether that was because I was younger back then I don’t know.

I found this on a forum discussing the debate:

“[censored] ! this is not a muslim country so why would ken livingstone wanna build a mosque! that money would be better off spent on something else like security as the [censored] wanna blow everything up. [censored]! a church would never be built in pakistan ro india if they ever got an olympics!!!”

2.3% of India is Christian. Do you think they wouldn’t build a church there for them just because they got the wonderful opportunity to host an Olympic Games?

I fear for the future of this country sometimes, I really do.

I know the person who sent me the forwarded email reads this blog from time to time and I’m not having a go at you, I just want to put my view out on the debate and hope you understand what I’m saying.

Oh, by the way, the email was regarding a vote of the debate and I voted ‘yes’ as everyone deserves and is entitled to somewhere to worship.

Burying my head in the sand I am not.

To conclude, I cannot find any concrete evidence that this is actually going ahead anyway. Probably just another way of trying to polarize our community in the U.K.

Darts Update:
Lost 3-1 yesterday. Could’ve won but didn’t as the other player played better than me on the night. Team lost 4-1, bad result in a grim, grim ‘social’ club in a village just outside Huddersfield. Not looking forward to going there next year and if I get drawn to play there in the knock-outs I’m feigning illness!


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