A Morning Lost but Money Gained

10 July 06


Off back down south today for the first time since April (when I only went for a few hours to pick up the car). Staying there til Sunday I expect and am looking forward to it. Weather should be nice and even though the car cost a few quid to fix, we’ve got some money to spend and a car to get about in. It’s shaping up nicely 🙂

At work at the moment making up for last Wednesday morning when I had to get the car done. Don’t really want to be here, it’s weird cos on Friday evening I was in holiday mode, now I have to come back and do 4 hours. Not that long to go now though. Hope my boss comes back though, he needs to pay me.

For those southerners I know, hopefully I’ll see you soon, if you’re up here I’ll see you next week. Not that any sod reads this anyway!

Song: U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Mood: Restless



P.S. I’ll bang on about Zidane and the WC final some time soon 🙂



7 July 06

Do you know how much it costs to get 2 ball joints and a off-side front wheel bearing for a 1993 Renault Clio fitted by Nationwide Autocentre? £254.57 that’s how much.


Mind you it was worth doing as it drives like it’s brand new again now.

My last full day at work before my week off. Coming in on Monday morning though to make up for the Wednesday morning I used to spend £254.57.

The World Cup’s coming to an end this week and the real football starts again in August. It’ll be good.

Football Manager News:
My Championship winning Charlton Athletic side reach the F.A. Cup final! I’ll be playing Ipswich, another Championship team, some time this evening. A good chance of UEFA Cup football.

Painting of the Day:
The Merry Fiddler by Gerard van Honthorst

Photo of the day:

Current Weather:
Partly Cloudy, 17 Degrees Celsius. Rain forecasted

The end 🙂


The WC, Wheel Bearings and Thunderstorms

4 July 06


How is everyone? Hope you’re well. I’m beginning to get a little less bitter about the whole World Cup thing. Have a look at Emma’s blog to see what kind of mood we were both in. It’ll give you a basic idea.

Anyway, enough of my World Cup opinions. I’ve been moaning to everyone and anyone about it so I’ll leave this post football-free if I can. I’ll try, honestly. Before I do, though, here’s a nice picture for you.

My car’s not well at the moment. I think a wheel bearing on the nearside front’s gone. It’s making one hell of a noise so I’m getting that fixed this week. It’s been doing it for a few weeks so it’s about time I got it sorted, especially with us going down south. It seems to be a fairly common problem with Clios of a certain age and some bloke managed to get it fixed for £60 which I can handle. I’ve got a morning off at some point this week to get it done, cheers boss!

My weather thing says it’s foggy and it’s not. They can’t even get it right now so what hope do they have with forecasts?! Apparently it’s partly cloudy today, thunderstorms tomorrow then it’s raining until Saturday so we can expect rain today and glorious sunshine until the weekend 😛

Got caught in a nice storm on Sunday coming back from Castle Howard (to see photos, click that flickr thing on the right, there). Couldn’t see a thing on the M-Way. Scary stuff. There were plenty of accidents but I didn’t get invloved thankfully! Went through a nice deep puddle at about 40mph too which was fun! Talking of driving, Emma’s got her 1st driving lesson today but it’s on a simulator in the BSM shop in Huddersfield. I want a go! Actually, it’s £10 an hour so maybe not…!

Right, I’d best get back to work. It filled 5 minutes anyway 🙂

Be good,