One door closes, another sits ajar

29 March 06

Hi there,

I found a tie in the end but didn’t get the job at the school. It’s not the end of the world (although it would’ve been nice). Tomorrow, I’ve got another interview! Well I think it’s an interview anyway. I was looking round the Job Centre website and saw there was a job for a web designer. Now, I’m not a spider so I’m hoping it means webSITES and not just webs. Anyway, I was speaking to the bloke at the other end of the phone and he said to me “Come in on Thursday” but I’m working on Thursday so I said it’s have to be around 5ish but he said that it was no problem. That’s nice isn’t it?! One way or the other I’ve got a chance at another job and one that I’m even more qualified for than the last one so I’ve got a good strong fighting chance here. £6 an hour, 36 hours a week which is far better than the £5.05 an hour, 18 hours a week I’m doing now (plus my researching time, of course). It’s in Bradford which I’ve never considered for jobs before now so it’s all new. And my new tie gets another run-out 🙂

Well, this seems to be turning into a sort of “Scott’s job applications” blog which I apologise for but it’s the main thing that’s going on for me at the moment! There’s more of me and the ‘opinions’ which I say I’m going to be putting here (as promised at the top of the page, there) to come in the future posts I assure you.

Someone leave a comment one day, even if it is just to say hello 🙂

Have a nice Wednesday,



Job interviews and ties that are PINK(?!!)

20 March 06

Hi there everybody. Good news for me! I have a job interview at Longdendale School in Hollingworth over the other side of the hills. I’ll be an ICT Project Development Officer (apparently) which I think may involve changing printer paper, fixing computers and scaring children (that’s all what that the IT technicians managed to do at my old school anyway). The interview’s on Friday at 9:20 and I really want to get this. If I don’t I’ll be unhappy as I think I’m more than adequate for the job and me and Emma really could do with the money! The new car’s going to come in useful for getting there as it would take me about an hour a day traveling there and an hour back but about 20 minutes in the car. I’m supposed to be working on Friday but I might be swapping shifts for a Thursday lunchtime but if I can’t I’ll be ill in the eyes of Yorkshire and raring to go in the eyes of Lancashire.

Do you know what colours you can get ties in at Burton’s? Pink. And That’s about it. What’s happened to the world. All I wanted was a nice blue one but they just don’t exist. I don’t know when all blokes other than me suddenly decided that pink was a suitable colour to wear to work but they certainly wouldn’t have got away with it when they were 13 would they? People change too much and not always for the better. Pink? Tsk.

Anyway, that’s my little rant over for the day. Burton’s may be trying to make us all a bit fruity and in touch with our feminine side but I’ll stick to blue ties if it’s all the same to you!


Back-lit keyboards, infinite cats & free cars.

16 March 06

Hi there everyone, not that this website’s been looked at by anybody yet! I have a new keyboard! It’s great. It has a back light on it (don’t really need it though) which makes it look nice. Had to get a new one as the one I had for about 6 months had bust. Bloody thing decided to turn the control key on and leave it pressed all by itself every so often. You wouldn’t believe the trouble that causes! Well anyway, this one’s a whole lot better but it weighs a ton. God knows why. You can have a look at it by clicking here. Lovely 🙂

Another thing I found on the web the other day was a fantastic website linked from Dave Gorman, the comedian, writer and person finder’s website. It’s called The infinite Cat Project and it’s one of those websites that make the Internet great. It involves images, text, audience participation and it’s a laugh. Take a look and leave a comment on here saying what you think about it and if you’ve got yourself involved. I would do but I don’t have a cat but I will do one day if Emma gets her way (which I’m sure she inevitably will do!).

Anyway, enough of purchases and cats. Now onto things that are going on in the life of me. I’m getting a car! A free car! My old Clio that I drove when I was living at home in Orpington with the p’rents. It’s a 1.2 RT Oasis for those of you even slightly technically minded with a top speed of 96 (though I got the speedo up to 110 once, can’t be right). And it’s red. Now I don’t really like red as a colour for cars. Well I sort of do in a way actually but I was gonna save it for when I got that Ferrari F40 I’ve always promised myself. Nice.

What else has happened to me… I can’t think. Oh yeah, that’s one, I’ve applied for a job working in a school at an ‘ICT Project Development Officer’ or an IT Technician to you and me. Doing things like changing printer paper and avoiding kids all day. Can’t be bad for £16-17K a year. Would be nice. I sort of need that car if I get this job as it’s in a place called Hollingworth that’s out in the sticks just over the hills from me. Just hope this snow eventually stops. It’s been pretty much snow free all over December through to February then just as it’s supposed to be getting warmer again it’s starts throwing the stuff down. Stupid bloody country we live in.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling today. It’s about time I started letting people know this site is here really. Think I’ll pop off and finish that site I stared ages back. No one’s left any message on that messageboard since January! Cheek!

Hope to hear from all who read.