What’s going on?

4 April 06

It’s the 4th of April, not that cold, sunny, yet it’s snowing. I don’t understand Huddersfield.



Get in!

3 April 06

Not going to say ‘hi there’ right at the beginning as I usually seem to do looking back at old posts so just a simple ‘Hello’ today.

I got that job doing that site for Aquarline, 36 Hours a week, £6 an hour. Bloody fantastic. It’s not just the money that appeals, the job itself seems great too. Working developing a site by myself in a firm with high expectations of the amount of business they eventually want out of it. Pressure but stuff I feel I can handle. Apparently this site was once bringing in £700,000 a year and the boss says that my wage will go up if it starts to make good money. If it goes well I may one day be on a nice amount. It’s all down to me now, no one else to blame. I’m starting next Monday.

Anyone see the Aussie Grand Prix yesterday? Fisichella must have been crapping himself after Jenson Button’s engine blew up about 15 yards ahead of him! Fire everywhere! Spectacular but disappointing as he didn’t get the 5th place he was in. He’ll win one day, you watch.

United are coming to get you Chelski! 7 points in it and we’ve got to go to Stamford Bridge. We might get it but we probably won’t. Nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking though.

What else do you think this flag says? I’m sure there’s another word over the side of the flag you can’t see. Leave a comment to say what you think it night be. Just a hint; it’s a Swansea City flag trying to say something to Cardiff fans, while in Cardiff. Disappointing result for my Carlisle, the other team I follow. 2-1 loss but it was to a team a league above us and around 45,000 people watched the game so it’s a few quid in the bank at least.

Right, I’m off now to prepare for the delightful burden of full time, 9-5, Monday to Friday work that I always dreamed of!

Stay lucky,