One month and a day on…

Well, well, well. So much has happened since my last post. Some of it happy, some of it sad, but happenings all the same. The F1 world championship is all but sewn up now with Alonso only needing an 8th place finish to guarantee himself the title and even then Schuey’s got to win. Manchester United are top of the Prem on goal difference. Carlisle have lost their last 2 games but are still 8th which isn’t too bad. All that and that’s just the sport! So much else has happened too. Me and Emma have both turned 25. Steve Irwin’s no more, very sadly, along with Paul Hunter even more sadly (in my opinion). Richard Hammond tried his best but is continuing to live, the immensely lucky sod that he appears to be! Good on him. I’d love to survive an accident like that with a black eye and a small bubble of blood inside my head. Rather that than break my leg again I think.

I’ve designed a new website or 3 since I last wrote. I’ve been busy for a change. Have a look at, and to see what I’ve been up to. New Lonsdale Park site might be coming soon, long, long overdue.

I’ll be filling this blog up with more opinions, news and boring stuff when I get round to it. Check back!!



One Response to One month and a day on…

  1. Great sites…the Aquamedia site is my favorite.

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