Work, holiday, computer, football, car and darts. Hello again!

6 February 09

It’s been ages, sorry!

An brief update for you:

Started a new job the day I my redundancy kicked in Web Design working in Cleckheaton for a promotional merchandise firm. Been there for 1¼ years now. Most of the time it’s been pretty good but this week’s been a shocker.

I’ve been on another cold January holiday, this time to Dent in Cumbria. The brewery there makes some lovely stuff. Especially ‘Aviator’.

I’ve upgraded my home computer. Now running an AMD Phenom X4 9550. It’s a lot quicker than the last one and it doesn’t turn itself off after half an hour every time I use it.

We won the league! And the European Cup!

I’ve got a new car! It’s a Ford Fiesta 05 reg.

Still playing darts, we’re 2nd in the league with 1 match left. We’ll finish second.

Anyway, I’ll leave a proper message at some point.



Transfer dealings of the summer

30 August 06


Quite excited about this blog, getting loads of visitors since my message about that truly awful Thatcher challenge. Had a few hundred since I left that. Good stuff and thank to all those who’ve had their two cents about it. That’s what this site is there for.

There’s been some very good signings going on in the Permiership this season. Dirk Kuyt/Kuijt will score plenty for Liverpool unfortunately. I remember seeing him play for Utrecht on Channel 5’s late night Dutch football coverage while I was at uni and he impressed the hell out of me. He got his big move to Feynoord and was even better there. You watch, he’ll take Liverpool by storm, especially alongside Bellamy (who I can’t stand but think’s a great striker). He’s not just another Mateja Kezman who was great in Holland and useless here. I’ve rated him for years. Liverpool have also had a offer rejected for Lucas Neill. £2m, apparently and he’s free to leave for nothing at the end of the season. Quite a thuggish player, Neill. There’s something about full backs isn’t there?!
Tevez, Hargreaves, Trezeguet and whoever else you care to mention wont be moving to Man Utd this season. I have this funny feeling that for all the ambition and vision shown by Ferguson recently nothing will come of it, new player-wise. I think United have the kind of squad that
should challenge for the title this season anyway as well as progressing further in Europe than the disappointment of last year. That was crap. Rooney, Saha, Solskjaer, Smith and Rossi should bag a few goals between them so Ruud shouldn’t be missed that much. Certainly hasn’t been so far.
Rosicky is a midfield legend in the making. He’ll be the driving force behind Arsenal this season and don’t they need it?! Their passing is immaculate but they’re afraid to shoot. Rosicky will get them into positions where they can do nothing but shoot.

As for Chelsea, what can you say? They’ve gone for experience and ability, rather than potential. We know all about Shevchenko and Ballack. Nice to see Kalou looking useless though. Gives English football a bit of hope for the future.

That’s the big 4 dealt with anyway. Nicolas Anelka’s been unveiled as a Bolton player today. I wonder where he’ll be off to in January.

Enough football for now. Good Grand Prix win for Massa. Pleased to see him win a race and win it on merit, too. It’s not easy to win one with Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen et al around. A good guy too so it seems and nice to see the Brazillians have someone else to cheer on other than Barrichello.

Anyway. Got a boring afternoon ahead of me at work so I’d best get on with it. Hope this post gets as many readings as my last one though I somehow doubt it!

Have a good one.


Sunderland, Carlisle, Bradford and Boot Latches

23 August 06

Afternoon all,  Hope you’re well.

I’m here at work as usual but my boss has gone for the afternoon which means I get to go home half an hour early. Great stuff! Picking up a new boot latch for the car on the way home. Cost over £30. Car failed its MOT cos you can’t open the boot at the moment (there’s a cable tie holding it in place) so that’s £40-odd more down the Swannee. Oh well.

Just a rant coming up about Sunderland’s announcement that they’re installing a new “World Class Manager” before Friday. I’ve posted it on 2 messageboards too…

<hr>How many world class managers are there? I’d say about 10. You’d have had to win the Champions League to become one or at least come very close. You’d also have to have been at the top level of club or international management for the past 5 years at the very least.

Fergie and Wenger are the only 2 in this country, arguably Benitez and very arguably Mourinho, add Capello and others like him from the continent to make up your 10 man shortlist.

So, who out of these is going to become Sunderland manager?

What a joke. <hr>

I’m only leaving a post to kill a bit of time really. I’ve got loads of price changes and new stock to deal with but I’m having a rest.

Good result last night for my Carlisle. 4-3 win on pens against Bradford so I’m wearing my favourite CUFC shirt today. The one from the 1999-00 season when we escaped relegation by about 30 seconds after our on loan keeper Jimmy Glass scored in the 4th minute of injury time. Happy days. Happier still now though.

Right, that’s enough football blabber.


eBay, More Weather and Boredom again

15 August 06


Hope you’re all well

I’ve been selling old phones on eBay. sold a Seimens M65 and a Sony Ericsson K750i and got about £100 so far. There’s a Nokia 5100 and 3310 to go yet so if you’re interested, look here to see what I’m selling right now. Some old footy shirts will be up there too so if you want to wear clothes that I’ve worn now’s your chance. Freaks.

British weather’s back again! The rain, wind and other autumnal stuff that we do so well has set in and it’s only August. That means that come the 1nd or 3rd week in November we’ll be having a heatwave and all those ‘you’re going to die cos the weather’s nice’ programmes will be on the BBC again.

I’m very bored. Emma’s just said hello to me on MSN (no, I shouldn’t be using it at work) and asked me to get her some wine on my way home. Talking of wine, there was in interesting article on the BBC’s site I spotted earlier on today. Click here to have a look (plenty of links in this post today isn’t there? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I want to get rid of you!).

Right, I really should get back to work now. Not much more to do today. If I worked hard I’d have it all done by 11 every day, especially later in the week.

Keep well & happy


10/8 will be the forgotten date of the war on terror

10 August 06

“No Terrorist Attack Today” will be the headline in all the papers tomorrow. I can’t believe quite how much the media are trying to squeeze out of this story, it’s a piss-take. It would’ve been massive news if it happened but something not happening doesn’t make a great story. I woke up this morning and said to Emma “They’ve had another go have they?” and that was that. Nothing happened so no more discussion was needed. So I’ll leave that there.

Hope you like the new blog, by the way. I do. I like the category things. If you want to see all the messages where I’m complaining, like this one, just click “whinge” at the bottom. It’s great!

I’m at work at the moment and I’ve done all the work I’m doing today. It’s not been a great day for me really but Emma’s got a promotion! She’ll be starting as a senior sales assistant (I assume) next month sometime. Few extra quid which is always handy.

Well done Jenson Button for winning an excellent and difficult grand prix. I know he reads this blog… maybe not. But well done anyway.

Carlisle has 4 points from 2 games in their new division which is great, a good solid start’s exactly what we need.

Can’t be bothered typing that much now. I’m hot and want to go home.

Hope you’re all well.

Leave comments. It’s a lot easier than it was.


A Morning Lost but Money Gained

10 July 06


Off back down south today for the first time since April (when I only went for a few hours to pick up the car). Staying there til Sunday I expect and am looking forward to it. Weather should be nice and even though the car cost a few quid to fix, we’ve got some money to spend and a car to get about in. It’s shaping up nicely 🙂

At work at the moment making up for last Wednesday morning when I had to get the car done. Don’t really want to be here, it’s weird cos on Friday evening I was in holiday mode, now I have to come back and do 4 hours. Not that long to go now though. Hope my boss comes back though, he needs to pay me.

For those southerners I know, hopefully I’ll see you soon, if you’re up here I’ll see you next week. Not that any sod reads this anyway!

Song: U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Mood: Restless



P.S. I’ll bang on about Zidane and the WC final some time soon 🙂


7 July 06

Do you know how much it costs to get 2 ball joints and a off-side front wheel bearing for a 1993 Renault Clio fitted by Nationwide Autocentre? £254.57 that’s how much.


Mind you it was worth doing as it drives like it’s brand new again now.

My last full day at work before my week off. Coming in on Monday morning though to make up for the Wednesday morning I used to spend £254.57.

The World Cup’s coming to an end this week and the real football starts again in August. It’ll be good.

Football Manager News:
My Championship winning Charlton Athletic side reach the F.A. Cup final! I’ll be playing Ipswich, another Championship team, some time this evening. A good chance of UEFA Cup football.

Painting of the Day:
The Merry Fiddler by Gerard van Honthorst

Photo of the day:

Current Weather:
Partly Cloudy, 17 Degrees Celsius. Rain forecasted

The end 🙂