The Flowery Picture and Journey South

Hi all. Here’s a weird photo of me I found on flickr taken by Emma’s brother, Jim.

Scott & Flower


Well done to the Aussies and Ghana. Didn’t see them getting through at the beginning. Ecuador too, although they’ll never get through the next round. Well, I hope not anyway.

Hope everyone’s ok. I’m good. It’s Friday and I’ve only got 5 hours left at work until my weekend begins. Done a lot of Actinic Developing work this week. It’s simpler than I imagined but it’s a long job.

Anyway, enough of work boredom. Off back down south in a couple of weeks. Going down the day after the WC Final so if we get to it I don’t have to work the next day! Emma’s working that Monday so she can’t get that hammered if we win. I bet she will anyway. She’ll probably want to stay out longer than me to be honest! I’m such a soft-arse now when it comes to staying up past midnight. Just can’t do it. I’m getting old! Even on a Saturday I wake up before 9. Oh the days when I used to sleep until 2pm.

Right, that’ll do.



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