A day in the life…

17 October 06

I woke up at half 7 this morning to Emma’s alarm and wasn’t awake enough to get up so I reached over and picked her phone up and re set it to 7.36. I don’t know why I do that kind of thing, is 6 minutes really going to help me accomplish any more during the day? So I went back to sleep with Emma cuddling me for 5½ minutes. The alarm went off again (in my hand this time, the vibration scared me) and got out of bed, put my overly bright dressing gown on and looked out of the window. It was incredibly foggy out there.

I went into the living room picking my jeans up as I went and got some underwear out of the washing machine. I put that on, put my jeans on and my Deftones t-shirt and sat down and rolled a cigarette while watching the morning news on BBC1. It got to about 7.50 and I thought I’d have some toast so I put some bread in the toaster, pushed it down and waited… and waited… and waited. When I’d unplugged the iron the night before I’d plugged the toaster back in but not switched it on. After about 5 minutes I gave up and couldn’t be bothered putting the bread away so I scrunched it up into a ball (I love doing that, but it can get expensive after a while) and threw it in our fairly smelly bin. I thought about taking the rubbish down but decided I couldn’t be arsed. I put my lunch in my bag and headed off downstairs, giving Emma a kiss before doing so.

I went down to the car, which I found on the opposite side of the car park eventually after wading through the fog, and got in, turned off the immobiliser, started the car, changed the radio from Radio 1 to TalkSport and set on my merry way, deciding to go the A road route to work, rather than my preferred motorway due to the visibility.

I got to just outside Brighouse and sat in traffic for about 20 minutes and had a cigarette. Got through Brighouse and sat in more traffic and ended up being about 15 minutes late for work.

I got up the stairs, put my lunch in the fridge, then went into the office. Collapsed into my chair at my desk and turned the computer on, put my PDA on charge, made myself a drink of orange High Juice and ate a blackberry and apple Nutri-Grain bar. I then checked to see if any sales had come through the website overnight, then checked eBay sales. Nothing on either but never mind, I had 2 orders waiting for payment to clear which they did so I created my pdf files and emailed them to the useless woman in the shop at Leeds who takes over from then on.

I carried on with my usual routine of adding products to the website, changing product codes to reflect what they were in the catalogue and answering far too many eBay questions compared to what we sell on it. We get 3 questions per sale I reckon. The website’s so much easier. Why don’t eBay users read the descriptions? I had a cigarette at about half 10.

At lunchtime I went for another cigarette, sent Emma a text message, checked the CUFCOnline.org.uk messageboard and a couple of other boards I frequent, my personal email and ate my lunch of a chicken mayo sandwich, made by Emma the night before, a bag of ready salted Square crisps and a Kit Kat Chunky (in that order). It was very nice, though I could’ve just eaten the sandwich and be full enough probably.

After lunch I had one more cigarette and went back to work doing the same old stuff again. I got bored at about 2.15 and went for another cigarette. Came back, measured a fish tank for some questioner on eBay and sent my answer. I still reckon they won’t buy it.

Tried seeing if my PDA’s phone function is working properly by putting the SIM card in it and send a message to myself through the O2 website. It’s not worked as yet and it’s been about 45 minutes now. Then I started writing this.

This blog is for ‘One Day In History’, a nationwide blog aimed at seeing what life is like on this nothing special Tuesday in the UK.


Fair Enough, Calamity

17 October 06

Portsmouth keeper David James is refusing to talk to Sky Sports until 2 December – because that is when he was told by engineers that his home satellite system will be fixed.

Stolen from the BBC Website. Good stuff!

I’ve got a new website up at www.tuestunim.com now so check it out.


One month and a day on…

11 October 06

Well, well, well. So much has happened since my last post. Some of it happy, some of it sad, but happenings all the same. The F1 world championship is all but sewn up now with Alonso only needing an 8th place finish to guarantee himself the title and even then Schuey’s got to win. Manchester United are top of the Prem on goal difference. Carlisle have lost their last 2 games but are still 8th which isn’t too bad. All that and that’s just the sport! So much else has happened too. Me and Emma have both turned 25. Steve Irwin’s no more, very sadly, along with Paul Hunter even more sadly (in my opinion). Richard Hammond tried his best but is continuing to live, the immensely lucky sod that he appears to be! Good on him. I’d love to survive an accident like that with a black eye and a small bubble of blood inside my head. Rather that than break my leg again I think.

I’ve designed a new website or 3 since I last wrote. I’ve been busy for a change. Have a look at http://www.tuestunim.com, http://www.agua-moose.com and http://www.aquamedia.co.uk to see what I’ve been up to. New Lonsdale Park site might be coming soon, long, long overdue.

I’ll be filling this blog up with more opinions, news and boring stuff when I get round to it. Check back!!