No snow, a buyer for Honda(?) and a weekend off for Liverpool

13 February 09

Hello. Hope things are good, whoever’s reading this. I’m not bad, thanks for asking.

I’m feeling very lethargic today. Got quite a bit to do at work but am taking 10 minutes from my image manipulation tasks to give a bit of time to the blog, which has been more than neglected for too long.

It looks like we might go a day without it snowing for once! Off out for a meal at Pennine Manor tonight so hope it doesn’t snow, it’s quite high up and I don’t fancy the drive there and back if we’re knee deep in snow. There was still around 6 inches everywhere at lower levels at the weekend.

There’s supposedly a new MS Windows coming out this summer, Windows 7. I might buy it if it’s any good but I might not as everything I need still runs fine on XP. I don’t know. I’d use Ubuntu again if it ran the games I wanted it to. I’d buy a Mac again if it ran the games I wanted it to (and wasn’t so outrageously expensive for what you get). Looks like I’m stuck with Microsoft.

Rumour has it that Honda F1 have found a buyer. I hope so. They will use Mercedes engines, have Jenson Button and Bruno Senna in the driving seats and have got 5 sponsors (unlike Honda’s 1, namely Honda). No idea who’s bought them out but I hope it’s someone committed to the sport. They’ll acheive bugger all this season though, it’s too late to do anything special for 2009.

F.A. Cup 5th round weekend this weekend. United have Derby, Liverpool have… erm… oh, that’s right, a weekend off.

Anyway, I’ll get back to writing some proper opinionated nonsense at some point soon, I promise.



One month and a day on…

11 October 06

Well, well, well. So much has happened since my last post. Some of it happy, some of it sad, but happenings all the same. The F1 world championship is all but sewn up now with Alonso only needing an 8th place finish to guarantee himself the title and even then Schuey’s got to win. Manchester United are top of the Prem on goal difference. Carlisle have lost their last 2 games but are still 8th which isn’t too bad. All that and that’s just the sport! So much else has happened too. Me and Emma have both turned 25. Steve Irwin’s no more, very sadly, along with Paul Hunter even more sadly (in my opinion). Richard Hammond tried his best but is continuing to live, the immensely lucky sod that he appears to be! Good on him. I’d love to survive an accident like that with a black eye and a small bubble of blood inside my head. Rather that than break my leg again I think.

I’ve designed a new website or 3 since I last wrote. I’ve been busy for a change. Have a look at, and to see what I’ve been up to. New Lonsdale Park site might be coming soon, long, long overdue.

I’ll be filling this blog up with more opinions, news and boring stuff when I get round to it. Check back!!


Michael Schumacher Retires – Raikkonen’s in

10 September 06

BBC News Story

An era has come to an end. Michael Shumacher, staistically the finest driver the world has ever seen, has quite the sport (despite what Alonso says!) of Formula One.

It’s a shame that it’s come but as a lot of people say, it’s best to quit at the top. Good luck to the guy in the future, whatever it holds. Apparently he’ll be working for Ferrari in the future, albeit not as a driver of their racing cars. He’ll probably end up as an ambassador for Ferrari or Fiat and he’ll be a good one. Even though he’s German, famous for being quite cold and unapproachable, he’s got an air of humility about him. A good guy. He’s not been like that all the way through he career but he’s matured as he’s aged. It also helps that he didn’t have the need to take drivers out for the final few years at Ferrari as he’s been so much quicker than the others for all but one season.

A great career will be over in 3 races time. Lets see if he’ll win the world championship to take it to a further record of 8.

Good luck to him. And I like Alonso!


Transfer dealings of the summer

30 August 06


Quite excited about this blog, getting loads of visitors since my message about that truly awful Thatcher challenge. Had a few hundred since I left that. Good stuff and thank to all those who’ve had their two cents about it. That’s what this site is there for.

There’s been some very good signings going on in the Permiership this season. Dirk Kuyt/Kuijt will score plenty for Liverpool unfortunately. I remember seeing him play for Utrecht on Channel 5’s late night Dutch football coverage while I was at uni and he impressed the hell out of me. He got his big move to Feynoord and was even better there. You watch, he’ll take Liverpool by storm, especially alongside Bellamy (who I can’t stand but think’s a great striker). He’s not just another Mateja Kezman who was great in Holland and useless here. I’ve rated him for years. Liverpool have also had a offer rejected for Lucas Neill. £2m, apparently and he’s free to leave for nothing at the end of the season. Quite a thuggish player, Neill. There’s something about full backs isn’t there?!
Tevez, Hargreaves, Trezeguet and whoever else you care to mention wont be moving to Man Utd this season. I have this funny feeling that for all the ambition and vision shown by Ferguson recently nothing will come of it, new player-wise. I think United have the kind of squad that
should challenge for the title this season anyway as well as progressing further in Europe than the disappointment of last year. That was crap. Rooney, Saha, Solskjaer, Smith and Rossi should bag a few goals between them so Ruud shouldn’t be missed that much. Certainly hasn’t been so far.
Rosicky is a midfield legend in the making. He’ll be the driving force behind Arsenal this season and don’t they need it?! Their passing is immaculate but they’re afraid to shoot. Rosicky will get them into positions where they can do nothing but shoot.

As for Chelsea, what can you say? They’ve gone for experience and ability, rather than potential. We know all about Shevchenko and Ballack. Nice to see Kalou looking useless though. Gives English football a bit of hope for the future.

That’s the big 4 dealt with anyway. Nicolas Anelka’s been unveiled as a Bolton player today. I wonder where he’ll be off to in January.

Enough football for now. Good Grand Prix win for Massa. Pleased to see him win a race and win it on merit, too. It’s not easy to win one with Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen et al around. A good guy too so it seems and nice to see the Brazillians have someone else to cheer on other than Barrichello.

Anyway. Got a boring afternoon ahead of me at work so I’d best get on with it. Hope this post gets as many readings as my last one though I somehow doubt it!

Have a good one.


10/8 will be the forgotten date of the war on terror

10 August 06

“No Terrorist Attack Today” will be the headline in all the papers tomorrow. I can’t believe quite how much the media are trying to squeeze out of this story, it’s a piss-take. It would’ve been massive news if it happened but something not happening doesn’t make a great story. I woke up this morning and said to Emma “They’ve had another go have they?” and that was that. Nothing happened so no more discussion was needed. So I’ll leave that there.

Hope you like the new blog, by the way. I do. I like the category things. If you want to see all the messages where I’m complaining, like this one, just click “whinge” at the bottom. It’s great!

I’m at work at the moment and I’ve done all the work I’m doing today. It’s not been a great day for me really but Emma’s got a promotion! She’ll be starting as a senior sales assistant (I assume) next month sometime. Few extra quid which is always handy.

Well done Jenson Button for winning an excellent and difficult grand prix. I know he reads this blog… maybe not. But well done anyway.

Carlisle has 4 points from 2 games in their new division which is great, a good solid start’s exactly what we need.

Can’t be bothered typing that much now. I’m hot and want to go home.

Hope you’re all well.

Leave comments. It’s a lot easier than it was.


Get in!

3 April 06

Not going to say ‘hi there’ right at the beginning as I usually seem to do looking back at old posts so just a simple ‘Hello’ today.

I got that job doing that site for Aquarline, 36 Hours a week, £6 an hour. Bloody fantastic. It’s not just the money that appeals, the job itself seems great too. Working developing a site by myself in a firm with high expectations of the amount of business they eventually want out of it. Pressure but stuff I feel I can handle. Apparently this site was once bringing in £700,000 a year and the boss says that my wage will go up if it starts to make good money. If it goes well I may one day be on a nice amount. It’s all down to me now, no one else to blame. I’m starting next Monday.

Anyone see the Aussie Grand Prix yesterday? Fisichella must have been crapping himself after Jenson Button’s engine blew up about 15 yards ahead of him! Fire everywhere! Spectacular but disappointing as he didn’t get the 5th place he was in. He’ll win one day, you watch.

United are coming to get you Chelski! 7 points in it and we’ve got to go to Stamford Bridge. We might get it but we probably won’t. Nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking though.

What else do you think this flag says? I’m sure there’s another word over the side of the flag you can’t see. Leave a comment to say what you think it night be. Just a hint; it’s a Swansea City flag trying to say something to Cardiff fans, while in Cardiff. Disappointing result for my Carlisle, the other team I follow. 2-1 loss but it was to a team a league above us and around 45,000 people watched the game so it’s a few quid in the bank at least.

Right, I’m off now to prepare for the delightful burden of full time, 9-5, Monday to Friday work that I always dreamed of!

Stay lucky,