Work, holiday, computer, football, car and darts. Hello again!

6 February 09

It’s been ages, sorry!

An brief update for you:

Started a new job the day I my redundancy kicked in Web Design working in Cleckheaton for a promotional merchandise firm. Been there for 1¼ years now. Most of the time it’s been pretty good but this week’s been a shocker.

I’ve been on another cold January holiday, this time to Dent in Cumbria. The brewery there makes some lovely stuff. Especially ‘Aviator’.

I’ve upgraded my home computer. Now running an AMD Phenom X4 9550. It’s a lot quicker than the last one and it doesn’t turn itself off after half an hour every time I use it.

We won the league! And the European Cup!

I’ve got a new car! It’s a Ford Fiesta 05 reg.

Still playing darts, we’re 2nd in the league with 1 match left. We’ll finish second.

Anyway, I’ll leave a proper message at some point.



Sunderland, Carlisle, Bradford and Boot Latches

23 August 06

Afternoon all,  Hope you’re well.

I’m here at work as usual but my boss has gone for the afternoon which means I get to go home half an hour early. Great stuff! Picking up a new boot latch for the car on the way home. Cost over £30. Car failed its MOT cos you can’t open the boot at the moment (there’s a cable tie holding it in place) so that’s £40-odd more down the Swannee. Oh well.

Just a rant coming up about Sunderland’s announcement that they’re installing a new “World Class Manager” before Friday. I’ve posted it on 2 messageboards too…

<hr>How many world class managers are there? I’d say about 10. You’d have had to win the Champions League to become one or at least come very close. You’d also have to have been at the top level of club or international management for the past 5 years at the very least.

Fergie and Wenger are the only 2 in this country, arguably Benitez and very arguably Mourinho, add Capello and others like him from the continent to make up your 10 man shortlist.

So, who out of these is going to become Sunderland manager?

What a joke. <hr>

I’m only leaving a post to kill a bit of time really. I’ve got loads of price changes and new stock to deal with but I’m having a rest.

Good result last night for my Carlisle. 4-3 win on pens against Bradford so I’m wearing my favourite CUFC shirt today. The one from the 1999-00 season when we escaped relegation by about 30 seconds after our on loan keeper Jimmy Glass scored in the 4th minute of injury time. Happy days. Happier still now though.

Right, that’s enough football blabber.


A Morning Lost but Money Gained

10 July 06


Off back down south today for the first time since April (when I only went for a few hours to pick up the car). Staying there til Sunday I expect and am looking forward to it. Weather should be nice and even though the car cost a few quid to fix, we’ve got some money to spend and a car to get about in. It’s shaping up nicely 🙂

At work at the moment making up for last Wednesday morning when I had to get the car done. Don’t really want to be here, it’s weird cos on Friday evening I was in holiday mode, now I have to come back and do 4 hours. Not that long to go now though. Hope my boss comes back though, he needs to pay me.

For those southerners I know, hopefully I’ll see you soon, if you’re up here I’ll see you next week. Not that any sod reads this anyway!

Song: U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Mood: Restless



P.S. I’ll bang on about Zidane and the WC final some time soon 🙂


7 July 06

Do you know how much it costs to get 2 ball joints and a off-side front wheel bearing for a 1993 Renault Clio fitted by Nationwide Autocentre? £254.57 that’s how much.


Mind you it was worth doing as it drives like it’s brand new again now.

My last full day at work before my week off. Coming in on Monday morning though to make up for the Wednesday morning I used to spend £254.57.

The World Cup’s coming to an end this week and the real football starts again in August. It’ll be good.

Football Manager News:
My Championship winning Charlton Athletic side reach the F.A. Cup final! I’ll be playing Ipswich, another Championship team, some time this evening. A good chance of UEFA Cup football.

Painting of the Day:
The Merry Fiddler by Gerard van Honthorst

Photo of the day:

Current Weather:
Partly Cloudy, 17 Degrees Celsius. Rain forecasted

The end 🙂


The WC, Wheel Bearings and Thunderstorms

4 July 06


How is everyone? Hope you’re well. I’m beginning to get a little less bitter about the whole World Cup thing. Have a look at Emma’s blog to see what kind of mood we were both in. It’ll give you a basic idea.

Anyway, enough of my World Cup opinions. I’ve been moaning to everyone and anyone about it so I’ll leave this post football-free if I can. I’ll try, honestly. Before I do, though, here’s a nice picture for you.

My car’s not well at the moment. I think a wheel bearing on the nearside front’s gone. It’s making one hell of a noise so I’m getting that fixed this week. It’s been doing it for a few weeks so it’s about time I got it sorted, especially with us going down south. It seems to be a fairly common problem with Clios of a certain age and some bloke managed to get it fixed for £60 which I can handle. I’ve got a morning off at some point this week to get it done, cheers boss!

My weather thing says it’s foggy and it’s not. They can’t even get it right now so what hope do they have with forecasts?! Apparently it’s partly cloudy today, thunderstorms tomorrow then it’s raining until Saturday so we can expect rain today and glorious sunshine until the weekend 😛

Got caught in a nice storm on Sunday coming back from Castle Howard (to see photos, click that flickr thing on the right, there). Couldn’t see a thing on the M-Way. Scary stuff. There were plenty of accidents but I didn’t get invloved thankfully! Went through a nice deep puddle at about 40mph too which was fun! Talking of driving, Emma’s got her 1st driving lesson today but it’s on a simulator in the BSM shop in Huddersfield. I want a go! Actually, it’s £10 an hour so maybe not…!

Right, I’d best get back to work. It filled 5 minutes anyway 🙂

Be good,


Back-lit keyboards, infinite cats & free cars.

16 March 06

Hi there everyone, not that this website’s been looked at by anybody yet! I have a new keyboard! It’s great. It has a back light on it (don’t really need it though) which makes it look nice. Had to get a new one as the one I had for about 6 months had bust. Bloody thing decided to turn the control key on and leave it pressed all by itself every so often. You wouldn’t believe the trouble that causes! Well anyway, this one’s a whole lot better but it weighs a ton. God knows why. You can have a look at it by clicking here. Lovely 🙂

Another thing I found on the web the other day was a fantastic website linked from Dave Gorman, the comedian, writer and person finder’s website. It’s called The infinite Cat Project and it’s one of those websites that make the Internet great. It involves images, text, audience participation and it’s a laugh. Take a look and leave a comment on here saying what you think about it and if you’ve got yourself involved. I would do but I don’t have a cat but I will do one day if Emma gets her way (which I’m sure she inevitably will do!).

Anyway, enough of purchases and cats. Now onto things that are going on in the life of me. I’m getting a car! A free car! My old Clio that I drove when I was living at home in Orpington with the p’rents. It’s a 1.2 RT Oasis for those of you even slightly technically minded with a top speed of 96 (though I got the speedo up to 110 once, can’t be right). And it’s red. Now I don’t really like red as a colour for cars. Well I sort of do in a way actually but I was gonna save it for when I got that Ferrari F40 I’ve always promised myself. Nice.

What else has happened to me… I can’t think. Oh yeah, that’s one, I’ve applied for a job working in a school at an ‘ICT Project Development Officer’ or an IT Technician to you and me. Doing things like changing printer paper and avoiding kids all day. Can’t be bad for £16-17K a year. Would be nice. I sort of need that car if I get this job as it’s in a place called Hollingworth that’s out in the sticks just over the hills from me. Just hope this snow eventually stops. It’s been pretty much snow free all over December through to February then just as it’s supposed to be getting warmer again it’s starts throwing the stuff down. Stupid bloody country we live in.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling today. It’s about time I started letting people know this site is here really. Think I’ll pop off and finish that site I stared ages back. No one’s left any message on that messageboard since January! Cheek!

Hope to hear from all who read.