Joblessness, Christmas & 25 feet of snow

Hello there.

I was made redundant a week or so ago given two weeks notice followed by a payment of two weeks wages. The company just hasn’t got the money to keep me on after the fire – mostly down to the fact that the building wasn’t insured.

I’ve been job hunting and doing my portfolio for the past week and have an interview tomorrow in Cleckheaton, between Huddersfield and Leeds. It’s closer than Bradford and it’s more money as well so you never know, it could all be a blessing in disguise!

I was offered a job in West London as well for some reason. A bloke phones me up, chatted for a while, asked when I was able to start then told me the job was about 250 miles drive away. Thanks! He sounded more disappointed than me though for some strange reason.

Anyway, back to my normal ramblings. I can’t really remember what I’ve already written about on here and can’t be bothered looking. Erm, it’s Christmas soon! That will do. I’m off down south for Christmas with Emma to stay with my Mum and Dad for a couple of days. There’s going to be 9 of us this year – the most I ever remember is 6 I think so it will be a bit different. Looking forward to it.

Yes that’s snow 400 yards from where we’re staying. Not a lot you may think – but this photo was taken in late March. Hmmm…
Me and Emma have booked a holiday to the Lake District. You might say ‘how lovely, the lake district’s a beautiful place’. Hopefully it will be even more beautiful covered in snow as we’re going in the third week in January. We must be mad! Looking forward to that too.

So there’s hopefully a new job, Christmas and a holiday. Things are looking up!

Darts update:
It was the pairs knockout last week. Me and my team-mate Mick (who used to work with my Dad down south, coincidentally) got through one round but lost in the decider. I didn’t really play all that well but wasn’t awful either. Got a normal league match tonight so the stats will come back after that.

Keep well,



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