I’ve just remembered something

First of all, Arsenal 2 – 2 United – fair result I suppose. I’m happy with that. Listening to Leeds – Carlisle now. Come on Carlisle!

Right, a couple of years ago I worked for a company called AQA, answering questions that people had texted to the company for their researchers to answer. There was a question thrown my way which asked:

“Who will win the F1 championship this season and the next”.

I answered:

“Fernando Alonso will win this season and Kimi Raikkonen will win next season in a Ferrari”.

Now, not to blow my own trumpet or anything (well, ok, I am) I think that’s pretty impressive! Raikkonen didn’t even drive for Ferrari at the time so I predicted that too.

Aren’t I clever?!! 🙂

Next year Raikkonen again. Get down the bookies.

Longer note coming up next week, excited? No? Oh well 😉

Darts Update:
I’m considerably better at predicting F1 champions than I am at playing darts at the moment, I lost 2-0 again. Crap!

Position: 4
My Result: 2-0 loss
Team Result: 4-1 loss

My total (exc. pairs): 8 legs for, 5 against (4 wins, 2 losses)
Team total: 16 legs for, 14 against (4 wins, 2 losses)

When I win, the team do, hmmm…



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