Fish (opinions welcome), Birds, F1, Rugby, Football, Darts etc.


I’m feeling very restless and irritable at work today for the second day running. I think these bloody squawking birds are getting to me. I can cope with the twittery ones but the bigger ones never shut up! Someone who works here got bitten right through the nose earlier by a parrot. He’s got two very nice puncture marks now. Lovely.

Rugby world cup final this weekend. Our recent amazing resurgence has put us in a position whereby if we win we’ll all be delighted, but if we lose we’ll all say “well, we know we’re crap. I don’t even know how we got that far”. What a lovely position to be in! A nice relaxing evening, win or lose. Hope we win though, obviously.

Paul Robinson having another blinder earlier in the qualification campaign – this was less his fault than the one the other day.
Now, football. Wasn’t the England game a disappointment? I don’t usually single out goalkeepers for criticism but Paul Robinson’s decision to palm the ball out right in front of him was terrible. Anyone who’s ever played as a keeper knows that if you can’t hold the ball, get it as far wide and as far away as you can and defend from there. If it’s a corner, so be it, it’s better than conceding a certain goal. The best he could’ve hoped for is for a defender to have got to it first to punt it out for a corner anyway so I’ve got no idea what he was playing at. I can truthfully say that I’d have done no worse – which when you consider he plays for the national team isn’t a great thing for him. I hear he’s out injured for Tottenham’s next game which will be a welcome relief to all you Spurs fans out there.

The F1 season comes to an end this weekend and I hope it’s a good race. It’s all set up to be one what with three drivers having a chance of winning the championship. I don’t really know who I want to win it now, all three drivers deserve it in their own way. Nevertheless, my Alonso Renault model will be sat on top the the telly as it has been for most of the season.

New Footy Manager game’s out today. I shall be starting as unemployed as always and seeing what it throws at me. the demo was very good so I’ve got high hopes for this game. If the last two have been anything to go by this one will work straight from the off too, unlike the older Championship Manager games which were nearly unplayable until an update was released on the net.

The longest and most confusing snooker tournament ever seen has got to a stage where I can understand it now – a knock out. Watching Ronnie v Joe Swail in the bottom corner of my screen at the moment. It’s a close one so far.

A Clown Loach. We’ll have one or two of these I’m sure.
Picking up a fish tank from Emma’s mate Fliss tonight. It’ll be nice to keep fish again. Got a few varieties in mind but not sure exactly which fish we’ll be getting but they’ll be tropical freshwater ones. Any suggestions, let me know by commenting. Pictures will be nice too. If you choose one we go for I might just let you name it! 🙂

Darts Update:
Team knockout this week and who do I face? None other than Jamie Wilson who just so happens to be number 34 in the world at the moment. I lost 2-0 and the team got stuffed (it was 4-0 when I went home!). We got to the semis last season but the team who we played won it so no disgrace really. I played alright but I’ve played better.

Well, I probably should get back to doing some work and finding a gun to shoot these birds with now. I might just buy them actually and release them into the skies of Leeds. People who work here shout “shut up” at them though which works for about 10 seconds. Stupid bloody creatures.

Enjoy the Grand Prix and the Rugby World Cup final,



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