More football, nothing on the radio & sunshine


It’s been a short while since I wrote on here so thought I’d do something to break up my day of cutting things out of photographs. Also, I never put the result of the last darts match of the season down and I like to keep track (I hope I can remember it, we’ll see!).

First things first, the footy season’s well and truly underway now with 3 games down (2 for some inc. Liverpool & Arsenal) in the Prem. The top 4 is dominated by clubs in the North West but the two biggest aren’t in it yet. Manchester United have had a wretched time so far in front of goal despite dominating large spells of all three of their matches so far. Tottenham on Sunday, buoyed by their 4-0 win last weekend, aren’t exactly going to be a walkover either.

I’ve already been to one game this season. I watched the Mighty Mossley play the slightly mightier Curzon Ashton in the Unibond Division One North. It finished 2-1 which I suppose is a fair reflection on a game where Ashton had the ball 2/3rds to Mossley’s 1/3rd.

However, the best football I’ve seen this season can be seen here:
Classic stuff. I’m not childish you know! “Phil Babb’s injured! Get the torch and the ice cream scoop!”.

One last thing about football.. England v Germany. What I reckon is… ah, actually sod it 😉

Nothing much has happened with me, personally to be honest. Still doing the same old stuff. Football Manager, darts, watching telly, listening to radio etc. TalkSport’s not working and it’s giving me the hump though. I’m having to listen to some complete shit. The best thing I can find is some Aussie station but it keeps buffering.

It’s sunny today. It wont last.

Huddersfield v Carlisle on Sunday. Looking forward to that one. Always a good laugh in with the Carlisle fans.

Well, I’ll write next time I have something to say because this time I didn’t!!!

Darts Update:
I think I lost 3-2, 3-1 or 3-0. Team lost 3-2. We didn’t get relegated. Team knockout semis and final (if we get through) in 2½ weeks. Practice, practice, practice!!!

Position: 3
My Result: Some kind of defeat, I can’t remember but it was annoying!
Team Result: 3-2 loss
Season 180 Count: 1

Keep well,



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