My New Favourite T-Shirt, Liverpool For The Cup & Sneezing

Hi there,

It’s been a little while now since I’ve written one of these (for me) but knowing what I’m like I’ll probably end up writing less than usual as I’m constantly forgetting what goes on.

Been down south for last week, hence the lack of note last Tuesday. Went to Hever Castle (see photos on my profile) and London, got my hair cut in Orpington and went to see a couple of mates’ new flat which was very nice. The main event of the week for me is when I went to Carnaby Street though. Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I’ve got a green t-shirt with a red star on it. In fact, I think there’s a picture of me wearing it on the photo section somewhere. Now, I’ve had this t-shirt for 8 or 9 years, I reckon, and it’s a bit work out now. Fair enough for a shirt that only cost £5 from a tacky tourist shop. Anyway, I went back to the shop to get another one (bearing in mind that it was at least 8 years ago in a shop that looked like it was only going to be there for 6 months). I found one in exactly the same place in the shop for 99p more! I’m well pleased. I’d forgotten how dark the green was with mine being so faded etc. It did me well that shirt. Plenty of gig were either attended or played in with that on so it got a bit of abuse over the years. It’s now in the bin.

It’s only a week and a half away until the talking stops and the football starts again. I’m glad to see it back more than usual as you can probably tell from my rant about football in the close season a few weeks back. Here are my tips for the season:

Fergie predicts a 10th premiership too
Premiership: Man Utd
Championship: Charlton
League One: Nottm Forest
League Two: Rotherham
FA Cup: Liverpool
League Cup: Chelsea
JP Trophy: Bristol Rovers

If that comes in now and I’ve not put money on it I’ll be angry!

Darts Update:
The team won 3-2 and I put in my best performance of the season and won 3-0, took my games out in 21, 19 and 24 darts which outstrips anything I’d done over 3 legs (consistently) so far this year. That 24 annoyed me a bit though as I had 5 darts at a double before hitting it. Hit a couple of 140’s and a couple of 100’s but no more 180’s, although I did hit one back home just throwing in my old bedroom – wish I could’ve saved it! Got lots of praise from the team for the manner of the victory and enjoyed it. Hopefully I can keep it going for the knockout semi-final later on this season.

Position: 3
My Result: 3-0 win
Team Result: 3-2 win
Season 180 Count: 1

I need to sneeze but I can’t. Isn’t that one of the most annoying things ever?



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