Illness, Rain & Murray Walker


I’ve not been well over the past few days and am still not feeling all that great today but I’m back at work after working from home so far this week. I prefer it at home, things are clean and tidy there, this office is horrible sometimes. On the plus side though, my whistling workmate hasn’t come back after his holiday as was predicted by us. This is a very good thing as I don’t get anywhere near as annoyed any more. However, he’s been replaced by someone who appears to be on a bit of a power trip, but he works in the warehouse so it’s not as bad.

I’ve had lots of sinus pain & headaches and a dodgy stomach (you get the picture on that one I’m sure!). I’ve still got the pain but my stomach’s calmed down now so it’s safe to go back to work. I’m not sure if I’d have made it down those stairs here at work on a couple of occasions! One of the plus points of living in a flat!

Just your average summer in Huddersfield
The weather’s beginning to improve a little bit, despite the downpour of yesterday. at least that was only for an hour or so rather than 4 days or whatever we’ve been getting so far this summer. Hasn’t it been depressing?! I’m off down south next week for a packed schedule of tourist attractions, family and friends. The weather seems to be a bit nicer down there and it gives the car a bit of a change from its normal Huddersfield-Bradford-Huddersfield journey that it does every day.

I’ve just heard that Murray Walker’s doing the commentary for the German Grand Prix on Radio 5 Live! I’ll probably be on the M1 so I’ll be listening to that.

I think I’ll go and get myself a sandwich or something now, but not before the…

Darts Update:
Knockout Quarter Final week this week and with us being crap in the league I couldn’t see us coming out of this one with a win but low and behold… we did! We won 3-2 and I won my game 2-0, despite feeling like a pile of manure and with my brain simply not working properly. At one point I had 16 left and couldn’t work out what double I needed, it was quite scary actually! I think my brain’s working a bit better than that now although my typing’s been awful while writing this, lots of corrections, I bet I’ve not got them all either.

We now move onto the Semi Finals which are played on the same night as the final in a big finals night somewhere, not sure where. Should be a good one though. Hopefully we’ll get through to the final but with out ‘A’ team being in there too, I’m not sure if we’ll win it, they’re pretty good.

Position: 3 (drawn out of a hat, but still 3 as always)
My Result: 2-0 win (it’s only best of 3 in K/O)
Team Result: 3-2 win
Season 180 Count: 1 (still.. grrrr)




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