Live Earth, Needing Football & Shrek 3

People flying in from all over the world in high-powered jet planes, massive lighting rigs, huge powerful speakers, an enourmous stage that took lots of energy (both manpower and electricity) to put together and all this to save the planet. Hmmm. What more can I say?!

Anyway, I thought I’d get that out of the way first. I hope everyone’s well. I’m missing the week in-week out football at the moment. I think I need to league to start as soon as possible. It’s only a month away I suppose and the bi-centennial Brazil vs Argentina game’s still to come in the Copa America final. Should be a good game that one. Follow that up with the excitement of such games as Manchester United vs Uwara Red Diamonds (!!) & Chelsea vs. DC United (!!)…. actually that just makes the league seem so much further away! Booooo!

Anyone watch the latest instalment of the Lewis Hamilton show? Wasn’t that exciting was it? The result opened up the world championship again which is a good thing. Massa drove a blinder after his car buggered up on the grid coming all the way from 21st, starting in the pit lane, to finish a very well deserved 5th and only a determined Kubica (who’s been especially brilliant since his accident) kept him from getting 4th. Well done to Raikkonen though who seemed to have it all in control for the whole race. Did anyone else notice the crap trophies they gave out for 2nd & 3rd place?! Emma’s got bigger wine glasses than that.

Nothing all that exciting has happened with me this week really. Work’s just work and apart from watching Shrek 3 I can’t think of anything new. Shrek 3’s not really all that good by the way. It made me laugh a few times but the story’s not that good and Shrek didn’t seem to be in it much. Still worth watching though I suppose as there’s a 4th one on the way in a few years.

Darts Update:
I lost 3-2 in a game that could’ve gone either way but fell the way of my opponent again. They were a good team and did us 5-0 in the end. It turns out that I’ve won nearly half of my team’s points this season and there are a couple of us who’ve not won a game yet!

Position: 3
My Result: 3-2 loss
Team Result: 5-0 loss
Season 180 Count: 1 (still… grrrrrrrr)

Not expecting any comments to this as it’s possibly the most boring note I’ve every written! And that’s saying something 🙂



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