Flooding, Lucozade & Virgin Media

Time for my usual weekly update of stuff.

Hasn’t the weather been completely unnecessarily crap this past week? Big trouble in some places of the country, not least South Yorkshire where Hillsborough is now under water up to the 2nd row of seats. At least it happened in the close season unlike when Carlisle’s ground got flooded. Got a picture of each of them. I believe that’s as bad as it’s going to get at Hillsborough but Carlisle’s ground (on the right) was under 7-8 feet of water at one point they even found a fish swimming near one of the goals when it was starting to dry up.

Hillsborough, Sheffield, June 2007 & Brunton Park, Carlisle, January 2005
I’ve seen abandoned cars smashed up, roads that are more like fords and nothing but spray on the motorway. I’ll be very pleased when it’s all sorted out. My thoughts and condolences go out to the families and fiends of the 3 people who’ve died in the past couple of days. If you’ve not heard about the man from Hull who was helping his grandad (I believe) clear a drain when it was overflowing… It was a very sad story and not one I care to think about again.

Anyway, let’s get on to something lighter. I often have the hump but I’m rarely depressing when I write these out!! I went to Lidl this morning and bought my Lucozade. At half 8 in the morning I was the only one in there and it took me quite a while to find someone to give my money to. I’ve never known a place so useless and unpolite. The problem is that it’s so cheap and close to work it’s the only real option.

I’m getting sick and tired of Virgin Media adverts. They’ve got some woman I don’t recognise but is (I assume) very famous on the telly and Ruby Fucking Wax on the radio! I can’t stand her, she’s annoying.

Scott Brown’s Tip of the Week: Don’t go with Tiscali if you want broadband, they’ll never let you leave without a fight.

1st in a series? Not sure yet, but…
Scott Brown’s Memory of the week (1):
In 1992 I went to Wembley to watch Manchester United play Nottingham Forest in the final of the Rumbelows (League) Cup – when it actually meant something. I remember getting on the train in St. Mary Cray and travelling to Victoria station then hopping on a tube (or two, can’t remember that bit) to Wembley Park station. We walked to the ground and sat in our seats not too far from the corner flag when Dad turned round and saw Sean Wilson (better known as Martin Platt from Corrie) in a seat behind us. Dad got his autograph for Mum and after watching a long throw-in competition, won by Andy Legg of Birmingham, I believe, we watched the game.

Paul Parker battles it out with Kancheslskis & McClair in the background. Match programme (right)
14 minutes in, the ball falls to Ryan Giggs who knocks it to McClair and from 18 yards sticks in the back of the net. I’m jumping about with tears running down my face as we keep the scoreline at 1-0 for the remaining 76 minutes to win the League Cup for the first time in the history of the club.

This game is notable for the fact that the Nottingham Forest team included two players who were to win Footballer of the Year awards with Manchester United later on in their careers; Roy Keane & Teddy Sheringham.

Darts Update:
Sunday – Last super League game of the season and I got done 3-0 again. Bloody waste of time it is me playing in that league. Different story on Monday though. My opponent hit a 180 against me but was massively inconsistent and I won 3-1. The team won 3-2 as well, our first league win in quite some time.

Position: 3
My Result: 3-1 win
Team Result: 3-2 win
Season 180 Count: 1


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