Right I’m angry for once. I never get like this so rant alert:

I’m stood in Lidl in line waiting to buy the drink I went in to get. There’s one till open and the queue is stretching half way down the store, a good 10-15 of us. I get within 1 person of being able to put my stuff on the conveyor and another till opens. I go to the other till, well I try, and some fat bitch pushes me out of the way. So, trying not to cause a scene or anything I go back to the original till where people are now piling to get past me to put their stuff on. No-one says to me “please, you were in front of me, go ahead” or anything. I’m left there stood between two queues with people deliberately not looking at me so I can’t go in either. I say “thanks a lot” loud voice to which everybody just looks at their shoes. I fuck off without getting anything at all despite being in the shop for over 10 minutes and having the correct change and one item.

There are some cunts in this world, and they shop in Lidl.



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