Mammoth skulls, work-‘mates’ and F1

I’ve just been reading Wikipedia at work as I’ve done all my important stuff for the day and reading about British history. I’ve come across the article about The Red Lady of Paviland, who wasn’t a lady at all by the way, when I read this:

“The skeleton was found along with a mammoth’s skull, which has since been lost.”

How can you lose a mammoth’s skull?! The word mammoth has come to mean very large which means that the skull will also be very large, I’d imagine. Broken, yes, I could understand that, but LOST?! How do people who manage to lose massive things get in possession of important historical artefacts? It’s beyond me. Emma wants a job in a museum and I bet she would never lose a mammoth’s skull.

I’m very tired today, have been for a few days now. I think this heat and humidity’s getting to me. I could sleep on my desk if my annoying workmate wasn’t whistling/coughing/burping/spluttering all the bloody time. I was off of work yesterday and when I came in this morning one of my other colleagues was chatting to me. Apparently my whistling workmate said “he’s a lovely chap but he doesn’t say much”, to which my other workmate replied “if you get him talking about something he’s interested in, he can talk for England”, which is very true. He said “I noticed that” at which point I hope he also noticed that despite talking about football, darts, motor racing and various other things I bang on about on here, I still have very little to say to the man. He’s annoying, lazy and a bit racist (he complains that Asian cricket players in Bradford have taken the fun out of the game because they don’t drink alcohol amongst other things) and I don’t like him at all.

Anyway, enough of my complaining.

Kubica’s crash. Me next please!!!
Good Grand Prix at the weekend weren’t it?!! 4 safety cars, a massive accident which resulted in concussion and a sprained ankle, lucky sod, and a British winner! Well done Hamilton, a good win in a race that required huge amounts of concentration. Going back to Kubica’s crash, I’d like to have a crash like that if all I was going to get was a headache and a sore ankle. That kind of energy looks unreal. As Ian Wright once said on Top Gear about a crash he had, it was the most exciting 5 seconds of his life. Excellent!


Darts Update:
Lost 3-0 twice in 2 days, not a good couple of days really! I wasn’t feeling right at all on Sunday night and even went to the toilet and had to sit down for 5 minutes before my game to gather myself together. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I was the most inconsistent I’ve been in months. At one point I threw 14 (5, 5, 4) then the next 3 darts I threw 140! What’s that all about?!

Monday night wasn’t much better but at least I didn’t feel ill. Never got going against on of my team-mates from the previous night’s game. I threw Far far too many darts into the 5 which in previous weeks would’ve hit the 20 at least. Disappointing but I’ll be back next week… actually no I wont, there’s no game next week! Got 2 games in 2 days again in 2 weeks.

Position: 3
My Result: 3-0 loss
Team Result: 5-0 loss
Season 180 Count: 1 (which only 7 of us in the whole league’s done so far this season, apparently. I got a mention in the weekly league table release which was nice)

Quite a long message which has killed 15 minutes. Good stuff.

Keep well,



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