Media Ethics, England National football Team & Jenson Button

I see Channel 4 have got what they wanted by kicking someone out of the house for a racist remark. They didn’t have to wait long did they? I wonder how many people were on their list of “people who speak before engaging their brains”. I sort of, in a way, feel sorry for the girl who’s been kicked out as the only reason she was in there was for Channel 4 & Endemol to use her for their own means. I know that’s the case with everybody who’s ever been in there but with her it’s more than just a spectacle – she’s been used in a political way. It doesn’t make the channel or the production company look big or clever at all.

On the other hand they might not have been expecting this to happen whatsoever. However, it’s happened so close to the start of the show I’m struggling to believe it’s not been planned.

Anyway, enough of opinions on the news and ethics in the media. I don’t usually do that kind of thing.

See the England game? I was 1 goal out but at least I was one short and it was a better result than I predicted. Crouch’s one touch passing was a joy to watch, Joe Cole’s goal would be shown everywhere if it was scored by Rooney or Ronaldinho and Beckham’s passing vision was exceptional. Even the opposition gave us a fair game, which is unusual for a lower-ranked nation who usually waste time, break up play with fouls, try and wind people us and roll around for no reason (see Andorra for an example).

Poor old Jenson Button. When asked “Isn’t Hamilton doing well?”, he replied; “I don’t know, I’ve been too far back to see”. A good, smooth driver who’s style and personality I prefer to Hamilton’s. Then again, Hamilton’s not allowed too much of a personality as he drives for McLaren (see D. Couthard for details, pre-Red Bull Racing, and Alonso post-Renault).

Well, I was only popping on here to complain about Channel 4 & Endemol and I’ve written loads. I’d best get on, I’ve got plenty to do.

Have a great weekend,



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