England, Hot or Not?, Quite a wordy darts update


England v Estonia tonight. I predict a 2-0 win for England. It’ll do for me. Gonna slouch out with a bottle of some kind of alcohol and watch it. Can’t wait as I’m very bored of work today. It’s just not grabbing me.

After being inspired by the radio, here’s my hot and not list for the week (I doubt it will be regular, maybe monthly if I fancy it). Basically a list of things I’m liking and not liking (or gone off slightly, at least) at the moment.


  • Cider
  • Darts
  • Placebo
  • Sunshine
  • Walking
  • Home
  • Adjectives


  • Bitter
  • Football
  • Deftones
  • Rain
  • Driving
  • Work
  • Adverbs

Come next month that might be all back to front so I might keep you posted. I can’t see myself going off football too much for too long, can you?! And I’m really really really going to try not to use adverbs 😉

Darts Update:
2 games in 2 days, 2 legs won in both. However, one was enough for me to win and one wasn’t. On sunday I played my first Super League game for a couple of months or so and lost 3-2. One of those close run things. I played quite well-ish, better than previous Super League games anyway. The team won 5-3 so that’s good

On Monday we had a knockout game (which I thought was meant to be last week) against a team 2 leagues below us who we beat 4-1. I won mine 2-0 and played as well as I needed to. Hit a 140 close to the end to seal it. I worked out that I’d scored 1002 points (2 x 501) and my opponent scored just short of 500 so I’d have won twice before they even finished their first game. It was quite hard work strangely <– (adverb, sorry. There’s probably a few more in there I’d not thought about too). The pub wasn’t set up to host darts matches, in my opinion, despite having 2 boards and enthusiastic players. There was a table more or less in the way, if you stood to the left of the oche to play you had to stand behind it. Was a bit stupid but we won and that’s the main thing. Don’t know who we’ve got in the next round.

Position: 2 (drawn out of a hat)
My Result: 2-0 win
Team Result: 4-1 win
Season 180 Count: 1

Anyway, that’s your lot until I write again. I wonder if that table I’ve made for the hot and not will work. – It didn’t so I’ve edited it. If I want HTML tables I should be allowed to have them!!



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