Public Transport & that Bloody Car again.


I had to get the bus to work this morning. I hate buses. They’re crap and uncomfortable. I had to get to Huddersfield bus station at half 7ish to get to Bradford for half 8. It got in a little early as it goes which impressed me but with the amount of bus lanes into Bradford I suppose it’s no surprise. Traffic only moves in Bradford when there isn’t a bus lane on the road, otherwise it’s all snarled up and you can’t get anywhere.

The reason I had to get a bus is that about half a mile from my house last night, my cars started making knocking sounds while going round corners. It’s not good and as I think the wheel bearing was going anyway and I sort of hope it’s related to that as it’s only 1 thing to fix. However, I doubt it is. At least my boss is letting me go early to go and get it sorted. I’ll probably go after I’ve written this in fact.

If it’s too expensive to fix I’m probably gonna scrap this thing. I’m not paying much more than £200 if it needs it. I reckon there’s a 50% chance of that so it’s 50-50 whether I’ll be a full-time public transport user.

Please let it be cheap!!!

Wish me luck.



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