Blog Transfer, F1 & Yorkshire Football

Hi all.

Well, I’ve decided to move my blog from MySpace to here as I think it’s better. The only good thing about MySpace’s blogging system is that you can say what music you’re listening to. The only problem with that is that I rarely listen to an album, I usually let me mp3’s run through randomly. Also, I don’t really listen to music all that much and tend to listen to speech radio (which is far far better, by the way!).

Right, enough of that. I hope everyone’s well out there. Maybe I’ll get a whole new audience for the blog, not that it’s very interesting as my previous posts indicate!

I’m at work today and have done all of my vital stuff already and it’s only half 10-ish. That means I’ve got 6 hours of sitting about, waiting for work to come my way. I don’t mind days like this but it will, inevitably, go very slowly indeed.

Anyone watch the grand prix? Wasn’t the most exciting race but plenty of incidents in there. Crashes, fires, tyre blow-outs etc. Keeps it interesting at least. Massa was awesome over the whole weekend and made everyone else look amateurish in comparison (except for maybe Coulthard who finished the race in 5th with no 3rd gear). Hamilton got on the podium again and as the points system favours consistency rather than brilliance, he now tops the drivers championship! Well done to him on that one and though I’d love him to stay there for the remainder of the season, I can’t see it happening. There’s too many other good drivers in good cars and if Massa keeps it up, no-one’ll get near him, not even his team mate Raikkonen who seems to be being put well and truly in his place by his team and his team mate.

The football season’s over more or less and well done to Bromley & Orpington who both got promoted this season. Good stuff. I don’t know if anyone noticed that Sheffield United, Leeds United & Bradford City all got relegated this season but if you did, you’d have noticed that there’s a distinctly Yorkshire feel to those three. It was announced on Look North (our local BBC news) last night that it’s not been a bad season for Yorkshire as Farsley Celtic have won promotion to the Conference (or Blue Square Premier, as it will be called next season) so well done to them. I must say that Yorkshire’s not exactly jumping for joy over this as, let’s be honest here, it’s been another terrible season of football in Yorkshire. Sorry guys! Now it’s the…

Darts Update:
No darts this week, god knows why. Why do we have to play on a bank holiday Monday then have the next week off?! Bloody stupid it is.

Well, I should go and do some of this non-existent work I’ve got to do. I’m sure I’ll find something to make the time go by.

Keep well,



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