Champions, snooker & junk food/sandwiches

Well it’s all over in the Premiership, except for 1 relegation place. Manchester United are champions once more and deserve it whole-heartedly for the effort, endeavour and style they’ve shown this season. No team comes close to matching the excitment of watching them in action. No other team has 3 players in Rooney, Giggs & C. Ronaldo who can carry the ball 50 yards in a counter attack at full pace before actually acheiving something at the other end. Well done! I must say I was delighted šŸ™‚

Watch the snooker did ya? Good weren’t it? I like matches that go on late into the night, despite me having to get up for work today. I think I did quite well. Mark Selby will be back but well done to Higgins who won his 2nd world championship. No mean feat.

Looking forward to going home this afternoon more than usual. My food intake’s not been the best over the past couple of days and I think my stomach’s trying to tell me something. It could say it quietly to me but no, it’s saying it quite forcefully. Grrrrr. Here’s a run down of food:

Sunday Lunchtime: Sausage Butty
Sunday Dinner: Pizza Hut
Sunday General Munch: Most of a 12 pack of Jaffa Cakes and half a tube of Pringles

Monday Lunch: Dairylea & Peanut Butter Sandwich
Monday Dinner: Subway B.M.T. 12″
Monday General Munch: Biscuits. Lots of.

Today Lunch: Cheese & Pickle Sarnie, Crisps, Mars Bar
Today Dinner (pending): Sausage, egg, beans & chips.
Today General Munch: Probably more biscuits.

I’d best have something with veg in tomorrow. Branston pickle doesn’t have 5 a day in it.

Guess what’s coming next (not from my stomach)?!! It’s time for aaaaaaaaa…..

Darts Update:
Easy-peasy I’m sort of pleased to say. Got gradually worse throughout the games in my 3-0 win (to bring us back to 2-2, may I add!) but won without stressing myself out too much. Nice to win 3 in a row, but the team ended up losing 3-2 after they stole the last match off of us. we’ve got to win one day. It’s coming. Just pleased to say that I’m doing my bit šŸ™‚

Position: 4
My Result: 3-0 win
Team Result: 3-2 loss

Right, I’m off to do some more work and hopefully feel better later on. Oh, one last thing. I’m on facebook now as well so look me up if you like. random_poo –@– (without the dashes) is my address so search for that.



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