Leeds United, Leeds & Ostriches

“Wise, Wise, whatever have you done? You’ve taken Leeds to Division One. You won’t win a cup, you won’t win a shield, your biggest game will be Huddersfield.” – Sing to the tune of Lord of the Dance (I can’t take credit for this one by the way, it’s far too good for me!)

Never mind Leeds, you’re not the first ‘big’ club this has happened to. Man City, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest (who are still there at the moment). Such esteemed company eh? Not the Man Utd’s, Chelsea’s, Arsenal’s & Liverpool’s of the world you were knocking about with a few seasons ago. Now you’ve got the Johnstone’s Paints Trophy and FA Cup & League Cup 1st round matches to look forward to as well as away trips on a sleety Tuesday night in January to Hartlepool & Orient.

Still, at least I get to watch Carlisle at Elland Road! Good stuff.

Oh, sorry, unless Hull lose 2-0 and your lot win 7-0 away to the team in 3rd place. Yes.

Sorry to gloat so much over Leeds, it’s just that I hate the way that their fans tried to get the game abandoned and then were hurling abuse & bottles at the police in Leeds city centre. I’m sure there are some perfectly nice and civil Leeds fans out there but the vocal, violent minority ruin it for the rest of you and I’m glad your team’s been relegated. Actually, I’ll take that back, I’m not sorry.

So, the football league season’s over, more or less. A lot seems to have been decided already anyway and it’ll all start again in 3 months time! Before all of that though you can’t forget the completion of the Premier League season, the FA Cup & the Champions League where the first finalist will take their place tonight. Liverpool or Chelsea? I don’t really mind who gets there to be truthful but my money’s on Chelsea (quite literally). I fear AC Milan will make the other final place but I’m a pessimistic sod at the best of times, and this is one of those times.

Went to Leeds for the weekend as it goes after all my Leeds bashing (I think it needed to leave my system somehow as I couldn’t do it there). Emma’s brother lives there and he took us out for the night. A few drinks & pizza when we got back. All good. Went to Harewood House too where they’ve got the best collection of birds from around the world I’ve ever seen. Teals, Ostriches, Ducks, Flamingos etc etc (Is it flamingoes or flamingos? Leave a comment and tell me, please!) Well worth going so do it one day.

Darts Update:
Another 4-1 defeat with me winning the point. Went on last, tactically, apparently, and played quite well v The Junction in Crosland Moor, a medium sized local pub with rooms to stay in upstairs (an inn, if you like). Been told I’m more or less guaranteed my place in the team now so that’s good, got to keep on playing well though for me if no-one else. They were a good side. In one leg, I went 100, 100, 60, 60 and still managed to lose the bastard! Won my match 3-2 in the end so that was nice.

My position in the team (out of 5): 5
My result: 3-2 win
Team result: 4-1 loss

That summary’s more for me than you so I can keep track of what I’ve done 🙂

Anyway, that’ll do for now. Got work to be doing and I’m not listening to TalkSport yet, still got 6music on and it’s playing some right crap at the moment! Ah, now a bit of Bowie, I listen to this one.

Hope you’re well, by the way, leave a comment.




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