A morning on the M606, Champions League & 72 emails in 23½ hours

Good afternoon, or whatever it is when you read this. I hope you’re well and all that.

My car broke down yesterday on the M606 and I had to fork out the massive amount of £6.50 to get it running again! I’ve driven about on things that cost over £200 to repair and a £6.50 alternator belt is what makes the thing stop. How stupid is that?! I was sat there from about 20 past 8 until half 9 and it was getting gradually colder and colder. Was getting windier too. I saw a mouse on the verge who scuttled out of a hole, ran about a bit, looked straight at me then scuttled off back into its hole. I like mice, they’re cool. A cheeky snail tried to climb up my foot but I put a stop to that by picking him up and placing him on a tree with his other snail friends. I never knew there was so much wildlife living that close to a busy motorway! I saw less at Bolton Abbey for Christ’s sake! Anyway, the car’s back to normal now so that’s ok.

The United v Milan game was good on Tuesday wasn’t it!?! Let’s hope the boys can do it over in the San Siro, it’s not going to be easy. The Chelsea v Liverpool game yesterday was crap wasn’t it!?! Sort of inevitable, that. Chelsea are a bit direct at times and ae basically a winning machine without looking that good that often and Liverpool seem to have an aversion to passing the ball forward unless they’ve got Crouch to send 60 yard balls at. Saying what I’ve said about Chelsea is maybe a little unfair after the goal they scored which was brilliant. A good, English-style goal, scored by an Englishman, on the counter attack.

As long as United get through I don’t really care who makes it but I think it will be Chelsea as they’re a bit relentless aren’t they? Neither tie is settled so that makes it nice and exciting for the second legs next week.

Only half an hour to go at work now and it’s been a busy, busy day. I didn’t really have a break at lunchtime but things have died down a bit now so am typing this to kill the time off!

Anyway, I think I’d best check my emails as they’re mounting up again. I’ve received 72 already since finishing work last night. None of them important or interesting, just silly questions asked by people when the answers are staring them in the face. The best one today is “how much does this cost?” when the price was there in front of them. Almost all of my answers have started “as stated on the listing…”.

Read you lazy sods!!! (no, not you, if you’ve got this far, you’ve done very well and have my gratitude and congratulations)

Right, I’m waffling now. Bye!



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