Days out, golf, football & back to work

I really enjoyed my time off but it’s back to the grindstone today. Work’s been a bit crap but a break always freshens things up a bit. Still looking forward to half 4 though so I can get out of here! I think I’ll have an evening of watching the snooker and playing PGA 2007 on the XBox.

Went to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales & Lyme Park near Stockport during my time off. I throughly recommend Bolton Abbey but in no rush to go to Lyme Park again. It was ok but £7’s quite expensive really. I’d go if I was a member of the National Trust as you get in for free so we became members 🙂 I think me & Emma are getting old! Only £19.50 each for the year if you’re 25 or under and you get into everywhere they run for free. Even the parking’s free except at Tatton Park, bloody rip-off merchants they are.

Does anyone know any good pitch & putt golf courses near Huddersfield? I’d be most grateful if you let me know where they are if you do. It’s getting towards summer now and golf is a good way to spend a few hours outside with your mates.

The football was interesting over the weekend. Man Utd drew as did Chelsea so it’s all back to where they were at the beginning of the week but with 2 games less which is a good thing for United. It’s not all over yet though, I have a feeling something’s going to happen.

So, that’s all I have to say really, should get back to work now I suppose. Just enough time for a….

Darts Update:
No darts this week as we don’t enter the knockout competition until the next round what with being premier division and all.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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