5 Days Off.. it’s nearly here!


I’m off as of tomorrow until next Monday so I’m refusing to use the internet in any sort of way in the mean-time (except for maybe picking up emails). It’s lovely and sunny and I think I’m going to take Emma to Bolton Abbey, as it looks very nice so should be a good day out.

Not really got a lot to say after yesterday’s ranting, just time for a…

Darts Update:
I was put on first for the first ever time in any team I’ve ever played in so that was a bit daunting. Even more so when I found out that this team are one of the best in our league. Anyway, I threw well in the first leg and won it. The 2nd leg we both played like a pair of arseholes and I eventually hit my double to win it. I then ended up losing the next two while not playing too badly. He just took his chances when they came along. So, down the the final game. We both played well enough to get down to a double each fairly quickly. I had 86 left and went for treble 18 which I hit to leave myself 2 darts at double 16. They both missed by less than an eighth of an inch. He had something or other left that left him with 1 dart in his hand going for bull. He hit the 25 so I was still in it. I hit my double 16 2nd dart determined not to lose a 2-0 lead and also not to lose when David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was on the jukebox. I like that song and refuse to let it remind me of losing a 2-0 lead. So, I’d done my bit now to the rest of the team…. We lost the match 4-1! Sods!

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