Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton in a 22 year-old Formula 1 racing driver, in case you didn’t know. The media seem to be especially interested in him because he’s black. I have no idea why this makes any kind of difference but they seem to think it does. I don’t think Lewis himself has ever mentioned it to anyone. He’s had a remarkable start to his Formula One career, finishing 3rd, 2nd, 2nd in his first 3 races, meaning he’s the first driver to ever achieve 3 consecutive podiums in his first 3 races. A magnificent achievement and the world is united in this opinion.

A little too united I say. I like Hamilton, he seems like a nice lad. However, I’m not a fan of his driving style, throwing it into corners and letting the traction control do all the work. I acknowledge that if the tools are there then why not use them, but I prefer a smoother style. However, this isn’t what’s getting to me. Notice I said “a little too united”. Here’s the reason:

That’s 12 mentions on the main page of the site. Bear in mind that we’ve got 3 other British drivers in the series and 22 drivers overall. Only 1 other current F1 driver, Massa, is mentioned in the entire page, and he started on pole and won the bloody race!

Also, did you enjoy the latest installment of the Lewis Hamilton show on Sunday? If you missed that edition, there’ll be the same show on again in 4 weeks time as it was for the first 2 races before this one.

I admit that he is extremely hard working and is one of the most prepared, fittest, knowledgeable drivers out there, even at the age of 22, but he’s in the best car, so it seems so far at least. I couldn’t do what he does but it’s not my job! I think they’re over-hyping him and they’re gonna tear him down just like they’ve done with Jenson Button, that’s all.

A change of sports now to Football. Anyone see that the mighty Scunthorpe United acheived promotion from League One this weekend? A team I’ve a soft spot for due to the appearance of a truly horrific swear word in their name. Their fans invaded the pitch, as you do, but we all know that the stewards should be stopping them. Now, the stewards clearly weren’t bothered at all as you can see in the following picture:

A bloke in a wheelchair should NEVER be able to invade a pitch! Good on him!

As for me I’m ok after my little rant. Hope you’re all well too, loyal viewer(s?)!

Darts Update:
Match tonight, think it’s at home.




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