4 Days off

A nice Easter weekend is all over and I’m back at work.

My Easter weekend in a nutshell:

Friday: Spent the morning at home in bed until getting up and going into town for something to eat at the hotel I used to work in. Good food, large portions, you can’t go wrong when you know the chef! Spent the afternoon playing PGA Tour 2007 on my XBox 360. Played very well. Evening was spent at Kate & Mandy’s house for a lovely dinner then an hour or two of darts. Good stuff.

Saturday: Spent the morning in bed again before once again going into town for food. Verve in Huddersfield is a nice bar we go to every Saturday lunchtime where I have the tried and tested bacon, brie and walnut sandwich on granary bread and a bottle of Negra Modelo. Lovely stuff. Always a good lunch, Saturdays. In the afternoon I watched the Grand Prix Qualifying and played Worms on my laptop. Had a small nap after listening to the footy on the radio and settled down to an evening in front of the box then to bed early with a headache & golf on the telly.

Sunday: Woke up still with that headache which stayed with me throughout the day. Ouch. Went over to Emma’s Dad’s house for the afternoon and home in time for tea. More telly to watch the finish of the golf.

Monday: Went to a museum in Ashton all about life in the area, mainly in the 1920’s. Quite interesting and can’t complain for no entry fee. Went to Verve in the evening with Emma, Jim, Claire, Kate, Mandy, Jenny & Ben. Only Kate, Emma, Jim & Claire lasted the distance, mainly due to work the next morning for most of us which is where I am now, bored out of my brain and wanting to get home to watch the footy tonight.

So, a nice weekend completely ruined by the fact it wasn’t never-ending! Bah.

Darts Update: No darts this week as it was Easter Monday.

Keep well,



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