Transfer dealings of the summer


Quite excited about this blog, getting loads of visitors since my message about that truly awful Thatcher challenge. Had a few hundred since I left that. Good stuff and thank to all those who’ve had their two cents about it. That’s what this site is there for.

There’s been some very good signings going on in the Permiership this season. Dirk Kuyt/Kuijt will score plenty for Liverpool unfortunately. I remember seeing him play for Utrecht on Channel 5’s late night Dutch football coverage while I was at uni and he impressed the hell out of me. He got his big move to Feynoord and was even better there. You watch, he’ll take Liverpool by storm, especially alongside Bellamy (who I can’t stand but think’s a great striker). He’s not just another Mateja Kezman who was great in Holland and useless here. I’ve rated him for years. Liverpool have also had a offer rejected for Lucas Neill. £2m, apparently and he’s free to leave for nothing at the end of the season. Quite a thuggish player, Neill. There’s something about full backs isn’t there?!
Tevez, Hargreaves, Trezeguet and whoever else you care to mention wont be moving to Man Utd this season. I have this funny feeling that for all the ambition and vision shown by Ferguson recently nothing will come of it, new player-wise. I think United have the kind of squad that
should challenge for the title this season anyway as well as progressing further in Europe than the disappointment of last year. That was crap. Rooney, Saha, Solskjaer, Smith and Rossi should bag a few goals between them so Ruud shouldn’t be missed that much. Certainly hasn’t been so far.
Rosicky is a midfield legend in the making. He’ll be the driving force behind Arsenal this season and don’t they need it?! Their passing is immaculate but they’re afraid to shoot. Rosicky will get them into positions where they can do nothing but shoot.

As for Chelsea, what can you say? They’ve gone for experience and ability, rather than potential. We know all about Shevchenko and Ballack. Nice to see Kalou looking useless though. Gives English football a bit of hope for the future.

That’s the big 4 dealt with anyway. Nicolas Anelka’s been unveiled as a Bolton player today. I wonder where he’ll be off to in January.

Enough football for now. Good Grand Prix win for Massa. Pleased to see him win a race and win it on merit, too. It’s not easy to win one with Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen et al around. A good guy too so it seems and nice to see the Brazillians have someone else to cheer on other than Barrichello.

Anyway. Got a boring afternoon ahead of me at work so I’d best get on with it. Hope this post gets as many readings as my last one though I somehow doubt it!

Have a good one.



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