Sunderland, Carlisle, Bradford and Boot Latches

Afternoon all,  Hope you’re well.

I’m here at work as usual but my boss has gone for the afternoon which means I get to go home half an hour early. Great stuff! Picking up a new boot latch for the car on the way home. Cost over £30. Car failed its MOT cos you can’t open the boot at the moment (there’s a cable tie holding it in place) so that’s £40-odd more down the Swannee. Oh well.

Just a rant coming up about Sunderland’s announcement that they’re installing a new “World Class Manager” before Friday. I’ve posted it on 2 messageboards too…

<hr>How many world class managers are there? I’d say about 10. You’d have had to win the Champions League to become one or at least come very close. You’d also have to have been at the top level of club or international management for the past 5 years at the very least.

Fergie and Wenger are the only 2 in this country, arguably Benitez and very arguably Mourinho, add Capello and others like him from the continent to make up your 10 man shortlist.

So, who out of these is going to become Sunderland manager?

What a joke. <hr>

I’m only leaving a post to kill a bit of time really. I’ve got loads of price changes and new stock to deal with but I’m having a rest.

Good result last night for my Carlisle. 4-3 win on pens against Bradford so I’m wearing my favourite CUFC shirt today. The one from the 1999-00 season when we escaped relegation by about 30 seconds after our on loan keeper Jimmy Glass scored in the 4th minute of injury time. Happy days. Happier still now though.

Right, that’s enough football blabber.



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