eBay, More Weather and Boredom again


Hope you’re all well

I’ve been selling old phones on eBay. sold a Seimens M65 and a Sony Ericsson K750i and got about £100 so far. There’s a Nokia 5100 and 3310 to go yet so if you’re interested, look here to see what I’m selling right now. Some old footy shirts will be up there too so if you want to wear clothes that I’ve worn now’s your chance. Freaks.

British weather’s back again! The rain, wind and other autumnal stuff that we do so well has set in and it’s only August. That means that come the 1nd or 3rd week in November we’ll be having a heatwave and all those ‘you’re going to die cos the weather’s nice’ programmes will be on the BBC again.

I’m very bored. Emma’s just said hello to me on MSN (no, I shouldn’t be using it at work) and asked me to get her some wine on my way home. Talking of wine, there was in interesting article on the BBC’s site I spotted earlier on today. Click here to have a look (plenty of links in this post today isn’t there? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I want to get rid of you!).

Right, I really should get back to work now. Not much more to do today. If I worked hard I’d have it all done by 11 every day, especially later in the week.

Keep well & happy



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