10/8 will be the forgotten date of the war on terror

“No Terrorist Attack Today” will be the headline in all the papers tomorrow. I can’t believe quite how much the media are trying to squeeze out of this story, it’s a piss-take. It would’ve been massive news if it happened but something not happening doesn’t make a great story. I woke up this morning and said to Emma “They’ve had another go have they?” and that was that. Nothing happened so no more discussion was needed. So I’ll leave that there.

Hope you like the new blog, by the way. I do. I like the category things. If you want to see all the messages where I’m complaining, like this one, just click “whinge” at the bottom. It’s great!

I’m at work at the moment and I’ve done all the work I’m doing today. It’s not been a great day for me really but Emma’s got a promotion! She’ll be starting as a senior sales assistant (I assume) next month sometime. Few extra quid which is always handy.

Well done Jenson Button for winning an excellent and difficult grand prix. I know he reads this blog… maybe not. But well done anyway.

Carlisle has 4 points from 2 games in their new division which is great, a good solid start’s exactly what we need.

Can’t be bothered typing that much now. I’m hot and want to go home.

Hope you’re all well.

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