A Morning Lost but Money Gained


Off back down south today for the first time since April (when I only went for a few hours to pick up the car). Staying there til Sunday I expect and am looking forward to it. Weather should be nice and even though the car cost a few quid to fix, we’ve got some money to spend and a car to get about in. It’s shaping up nicely 🙂

At work at the moment making up for last Wednesday morning when I had to get the car done. Don’t really want to be here, it’s weird cos on Friday evening I was in holiday mode, now I have to come back and do 4 hours. Not that long to go now though. Hope my boss comes back though, he needs to pay me.

For those southerners I know, hopefully I’ll see you soon, if you’re up here I’ll see you next week. Not that any sod reads this anyway!

Song: U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Mood: Restless



P.S. I’ll bang on about Zidane and the WC final some time soon 🙂


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