Manchester United 1990-2006

Just a thought; how good would this team have been if they’d all played together.

GK – P. Schmeichel
LB – D. Irwin
RB – G. Neville
CB – J. Stam
CB – G. Pallister
LM – R. Giggs
RM – D. Beckham
CM – B. Robson
CM – R. Keane
CF – E. Cantona
CF – R. van Nistelrooy

S1 – E. van der Sar
S2 – S. Bruce
S3 – P. Ince
S4 – P. Scholes
S5 – M. Hughes

Left a few good players out too. No space for Rooney, Ronaldo, Yorke, Cole, Ferdinand, Kanchelskis or the legendary David May!

I’d pay good money to watch that team though. I feel a testimonial coming on again!

I’m at work at the moment and came up with that team while having a cigarette in the Car Park. Pretty boring, long and stuffy day today. Got enough done but I’ve had enough for the week now. Worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday as the main electric cable into the buildings got cut by some thieves who nicked a large generator from the warehouse. Sods. They tried again last night apparently but got nowhere.

Only a quarter of an hour to go now then I’m off home!

Have a good weekend everybody,



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