Leonardo, The World Cup and Boring Playlist News


I’m at work at the moment. Been working hard so I thought I’d take a few minutes off to write on this again. Haven’t done it for a couple of weeks. I hope you’re all well. Still no-one’s left a comment on this yet, I’m beginning to think that it’s broken or something! Either that or I’m unpopular, or both. Oh I don’t know!

Off to see the Da Vinci Code film tonight at the flicks. Hope it’s good. It’s not got the best reviews but that’s probably cos the book’s good or something. Not read it. Emma’s got a copy but she’s not started reading it yet. Going for a bite to eat in the pub before the film and that’s always good.

16 days to the World Cup now! Not long to go. I’m looking forward to the festival of football that’s fast approaching. Time’s going so quickly nowadays. There are people discussing what we should do with the offside rule on talkSport. We should leave it how it is I think. At least it contains the same amount of confusion for us all at the moment! I understood offised a few years ago, and for about 15 years before that, so why did they change it! The only change they should do is to change it back to a rule we all knew. None of this active position, phases crap.

Playlist! Yes I have iTunes at work and it lets me know the most played tracks on my reasonable library of songs I have here. Here’s the top 5 with the amount of times played after:

1. Mattafix – Big City Life: 6
2. A – Die Tonight: 4
3. Coldplay – The Hardest Part: 4
4. Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Naa: 4
5. Shpongle – And The Day Turned To Fright (Eat Static Remix): 4

It’s all on random so it means nothing really. Just something to fill up an otherwise quite small post.

Right that’s enough from me. Back to work for half an hour!




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