Keano! There’s only one Keano!

Good afternoon everybody.

I’m having my lunch here at work and listening to the radio while doing a job I’m loving. It’s great here, I get to sit down (unlike any other job I’ve ever done) and play about with graphics, layouts and content all day. Nice!

Went to Roy Keane’s testimonial last night. Was a blinder. Read about it here and here(eek!). Those Celtic fans are quite scary you know. They make us United fans look civilised, and that’s saying something.

Talking about football. What’s Sven on about with that England squad. Theo Walcott?! He’s 17, he can’t drive, drink, bet, get married (without permission), get into the Arsenal first team, play in his preferred position for their reserves and also, he shouldn’t be going to the world cup. He’s just not ready. He’s never played in the Premiership, only played in the Championship 23 times (10 a sub) scoring 5 goals. That’s not a what a striker should be like in a squad that’s supposed to have a chance of winning the world’s premier sporting contest. I have no doubt whatsoever that he’s going to be a spectacularly good player with that pace of his and his finishing (from what I’ve seen), injury permitting but until he’s good enough to be in the England squad, he’s shouldn’t be there. I’m really hoping that I have to eat my word here with him scoring 3 in the final against Germany and winning the golden boot but I just can’t see it happening. And what’s worse is that Sven’s left out a player who’s scored 22 goals in all competitions whilst playing for a mid-table side (that’s Darren Bent of Charlton in case you’re wondering). It doesn’t make sense.

Before I get back to work, I want to tell you about a guy called Gary McKinnon (1) (2). He’s probably going to be extradited to America to face terrorism charges. It’s complete and utter nonsense and you can go here to support him.

Right, now I’ve got that off of my chest I’m off to do some work.

Keep well 🙂



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