Job interviews and ties that are PINK(?!!)

Hi there everybody. Good news for me! I have a job interview at Longdendale School in Hollingworth over the other side of the hills. I’ll be an ICT Project Development Officer (apparently) which I think may involve changing printer paper, fixing computers and scaring children (that’s all what that the IT technicians managed to do at my old school anyway). The interview’s on Friday at 9:20 and I really want to get this. If I don’t I’ll be unhappy as I think I’m more than adequate for the job and me and Emma really could do with the money! The new car’s going to come in useful for getting there as it would take me about an hour a day traveling there and an hour back but about 20 minutes in the car. I’m supposed to be working on Friday but I might be swapping shifts for a Thursday lunchtime but if I can’t I’ll be ill in the eyes of Yorkshire and raring to go in the eyes of Lancashire.

Do you know what colours you can get ties in at Burton’s? Pink. And That’s about it. What’s happened to the world. All I wanted was a nice blue one but they just don’t exist. I don’t know when all blokes other than me suddenly decided that pink was a suitable colour to wear to work but they certainly wouldn’t have got away with it when they were 13 would they? People change too much and not always for the better. Pink? Tsk.

Anyway, that’s my little rant over for the day. Burton’s may be trying to make us all a bit fruity and in touch with our feminine side but I’ll stick to blue ties if it’s all the same to you!



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